Planetary Aspects & Tzolkin Correlations: As Above... So Below

Planetary Aspects & Tzolkin Correlations

As Above... So Below

Aloha Planetary Kin:

It's important for us to remember that the Maya were a sky watching culture. So, it is equally important for us to pay attention to what's playing out in the sky during these epic times. Here's the latest set of observations of the Lunar & Solar aspects for the last 3 Mystic Moons ending the calendar this year and preparing us for galactic synchronization. Each of the full moons for the last of the 3 Mystic Moons is referred to as a Super Moon. This means that the full moon occurs at the same time as the moon's closest approach to the Earth. This means that the moon actually is bigger and brighter in the sky than usual and therefore more powerful. That also means it has a greater effect on the tides, the tectonic plates of the Earth, the Earth's grid and our psyches.

In one of my previous posts I talked about the last lunar, solar, lunar eclipses. The last full moon of that series was the 1st of the Super Moons. It occurred 4 days before the beginning of the Red Serpent Wavespell, which contains the current 10 GAP day run. The 1st of the 10 GAP days, White Lunar World-Bridger, ended the Spectral Moon. So, the 10 GAP day run bridges between the Spectral Moon of Liberation and the Crystal Moon of Cooperation. As I write this we are on the 9th day of the 10 GAP day run, White Planetary Wizard, John Lennon's galactic signature, and tomorrow, Blue Spectral Eagle ends the 10 GAP day run. The following day, Yellow Crystal Warrior, is the new moon. The New Moon falls right after the 10 GAP day run on the day, “I dedicate in order to question.”

This set of 10 GAP days in a row is the last of the GAP days before we enter the central column and is widely considered to be the GAP days about dealing with and reclaiming the past. So, clearing the past is very important for this 10 GAP day run. Because as soon as it's over, the new moon sets us up, questioning the old paradigm in preparation for new growth towards the future.

Then we move into the central column of the Tzolkin on the day Red Self-Existing Dragon. 13 days after the ending of the 10 GAP day run, we come to the next Spectral Tone, Yellow Spectral Star, “I dissolve in order to beautify.” This day is the Summer Solstice. It is the longest day of the year and the most light of any day of the year. As we move forward in the central column of the Tzolkin, the full moon of the Crystal Moon of Cooperation, falls right across the center of the Tzolkin, going from White Cosmic Dog to Blue Magnetic Monkey. The full moon is in effect as we take magic flight from Cosmic Love across the center of the Tzolkin into Magnetic Play, from the past into the future.

The central column of the Tzolkin bridges us from the Crystal Moon of Cooperation into the Cosmic Moon of Presence, the last of the 7 Mystic Moons. The Cosmic Moon of Presence contains the last new and full moon of the Mystic Moons. After we move out of the central column, we enter into the Yellow Seed Wavespell. Which begins 20 days before the Yellow Galactic Seed of the New Year and contains the next 10 GAP day run. This 10 GAP day run is for dreaming the future into being. The new moon falls on the 1st day of the 10 GAP day run. That is on the White Electric World-bridger day, “I activate in order to equalize.” We are being given the opportunity to bridge the worlds of the past and the future to dream the future into being during this 10 GAP day run.

Then, the last of the super moons, the full moon of the Cosmic Moon of Presence, falls on the day 4 Ahau. That is a nod to the creation date and end date in the long count. It is also 2 days before the end of the last of the Mystic Moons preparing us for galactic synchronization. So, it wraps the ending and the beginning into the ending of the Mystic Moons and the 13 Moon Calendar just before galactic synchronization.

Those of you who are looking for confirmation of the accuracy and efficacy of the Dreamspell count need only look at these correlations to the planetary aspects and the Dreamspell version of the Tzolkin count for their affirmation.

Stay tuned for more information about the moons and planetary aspects coming up...

In Lakéch

Randy Cosmichand

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Comment by Jannis 7 Moon on June 13, 2013 at 6:01am

Well done Cosmic Hand, also note Kin 114 (06.06.13) was the 52 year anniversary of the ascension (06.06.1961) of Cosmic Wizard C.G. Jung (52 year cycle Tzolkin matches with Solar Round) and is my CK with RQ 189+185=114 :-) Also in this "time" falls the "Prophecy of the 13 Moons" on Cosmic 13 or 13.13 Blue Self Existing Hand Kin 147. Mystery of the Stone p.39 says: "So 8 Mol is 200 days away from 8 Cumhu- signifying a complete polar shift from the beginning to the end of the cycle. The prophecy of the 13 Moons is coded into the date, 8 Cumhu which , in the Dreamspell occurs on Day 13, Moon 13, Cube 7, key numbers of the Law of Time and the 13 Moons." Whatch out for Rainbows!  In lakech. 9.7

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