LOVE, and technical information about Halley's Comet Christ and 1 Reed Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl


to Begin this Blog I wanted to start with an email I just sent Andrew Bennett of Joshua's Long Day.  It gives an idea of some very technical information.  So I'm fishing.  With more to add and explain later of course.

Cheers KIN



(Yes I am in good spirits, thank you!!) 

I've done some calculating using a calendar converter for your dates so at least I can agree with you on these points (in the Indian/Aztec/Maya calendars) where Halley is likely travelling in the skies from July 21 - Sept. 15 5 BC, the last, 56th day is the day 1 Reed. (Scroll down for this comparison in the Long Count for six of these intersection dates for Christ/Halley)


Although I place the year 1 Reed in 4356 (technically 32 BC), a Comet did appear in the Maya Records in a ten Reed year in Current Era 943, I have discovered this year to be 4352.  Of course this makes 4356 the equivalent of 947 C.E. for the birth of Quetzalcoatl 1 Reed. (Christ)


But four-digit years aside, at least the Long Count Calendar dates for 5 BC are consistent with the sightings of Halley and the birth of "Immanuel" referring to the word of God made Flesh; however a one reed year came four years after the Last 1 Reed Day sighting for Halley.  


A larger pattern for Halley emerges “Quetzalcoatl is represented by the Aztec historians as a white man, wearing a beard and enveloped in a garment covered with crosses, and resembling an European monk or priest.  Some have accounted for him by the supposition that two personages have been confounded; one the early “culture hero,” an entirely mythical character, another the pontiff king of Tulan, who assumed dominion about 873 A.D. His reign in Cholula lasted about 10 years.  Others have imagined that some visitor from a foreign shore had appeared and introduced great reformations and this gave rise to the traditions.”  ---“Myths and Symbols; Or, Aboriginal Religions in America”

 By Stephen Denison Peet, pg. 390


873 + 3513 (within four years of Menes of Egypt as a beginning point for Current Era)  = 4386 + 10 year rule in Cholula = 4396

Usually the date for his rule in Tulan/Tollan is 973 years from 3409, the old date for the birth of Quetzalcoatl before 1 Reed Quetzalcoatl (Jesus/Immanuel/Topiltzin) and this puts his rule at 4383 or 4382 in a 1 House year.


Another clue is 4363 (8 rabbit year), 878 years from 3485, the Arabic flood date, using this date, when Quetzalcoatl/Jesus is 7 years old, this makes 4352 the equivalent of 11 BC, in accord with Halley that seems to be the same date as 4 or 5 year before his birth year in 4356 1 Reed.  

(4396 is 33 after after 4363)

Although the Crucifixion even was most likely the years 4398-4434, most likely between 4428 and 4430, when the year was 10 House, and when the year 34 AD is reached from a 4396 1 AD beginning.  4428, 4429 would have been 76-77 years from 4352, 10 Reed year.


The most intriguing is when I used the dated information you supplied me.   

I ran the numbers through a calendar converter found here. You can look them up yourself using this program found at:



1) September 13, 7 BC = (9 Sun Ahau, Solar Lord/Flower)  (Your birth of "Jesus")

2) July 21, 5 BC = 10 “Caban, Earthquake” There was a fuzzy star in DONGING [LM] which then trod through WUZHUHOU. It [re-] appeared to the north of HESHU (Jesus) and skirted XUANYUAN and TAI WEI. 

3) August 3 BC =  11 Monkey-Artist on the new moon - thus the comet was visible at sunset) it appeared in the west. It trespassed against CIFEI, CHANGQUI, DOU (DUO is The Big Dipper and Arcturus), Saturn (perhaps 180° from where it normally would be in Taurus may have been in Libra beside Arcturus in the east at sunset with the sun in Pisces in August 31, 5 BC. Then Arcturus would rise in the east at sunset. Thus the comet may have been beside Arcturus and when they had passed to stand directly above Bethlehem, the comet travelled with earth's rotation to stand still directly above Bethlehem till the wisemen had found the house of Joseph and Mary with Jesus.). It pointed its rays again penetrated to the middle of ZIGONG, with DAHUO right behind

4) August 5, BC = 13 Reed, New Year on 1 Pop (New year)

5) August 31/Sept. 1 , 5 BC = 1 Tishri Hebrew, 3757 =  13 Storm/ 1 SUN AHAU Lord Flower   Very appropriate for the standstill on the most sacred day of the Maya Calendar, 1 Ahau/Sun or first Father.

6) Sept 15, 5 BC = 1 Reed, 1 Zip (Even more fitting!) On the 56th day (September 15, 5 BC when the sun must return at the lunar eclipse = blood red moon reflecting a red sun as it moved with earth's rotation the night Herod executed the High Priests) it passed from view together with CANGLONG." East Asian Archaeoastronomy, [Han shu. Wuxing zhi] ch. 27




 P.s. I almost sent this yesterday, an important day, April, 3... one more thing, 4352 - 1238 = 3114, so this would make Joshua's Long Day the equivalent of the Maya calendar beginning year in 3114 BC , that year was 1,238 years from a 5 BC HALLEY!!!     IF you combine our records, you expert in Western Calendar, myself dominant in the Indian Calendars we have quite the discovery here.  As far as the most exacting, I'd have to say we modeled our 4 year leap day from the 4 year day-signs of the Maya, how a 4352 10 Reed finds a 1 Reed year four years later in 4356.  The Maya "Adam" was Camaxtli/Mixcoatl who was ceremoniously revered every four years, he was also the earthly "father" of Christ/Quetzalcoatl, who looked for his fathers bones at age 9, at age 7 he inherited his mother's weapons.  Both Christ and Quetzalcoatl were born in Caves did you know this?????

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