From JFK to TRUMP- the 56 year Gregorian calendar cycle

“The ejection of radiative thermic-luminic properties at supernova excitation is a correlate function of a higher meditational program of the Galactic Federation. This meditational program is coordinated by the pilot angel program of the intelligence originally evolved by the stellar mass on its trajectory toward becoming a supernova.”

18.1, Dynamics of Time

“This supernova was the means by which the higher-dimensional councils of universal unification “announced” the completion of the prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells, commemorated on August 16 and 17, 1987, by the Harmonic Convergence. This event officially began what is referred to as the Quetzalcoatl Project, a vast organized undertaking of the galactic masters’ system of mind transmission, the GM108X. (See 20 Tablets of the Law of Time)”

With the purpose of re-framing the past from the start, right at the time of its discovery, we re-named this SuperNova as SN2015L “Quetzalcoatl II”. Why? There are 2 main reasons:

1. Because of the rarity of an event of this magnitude and proportion, it can be catalogued as HIGHLY SYMBOLIC/PROPHETIC in nature and considered then a feedback “signal” from the “Past:Present:Future Time-Space continuum”. Since Cosmic Science, Cosmic History, the synchronic order and the Law of Time are all integral components of a new science and a new knowledge base for the reformulation of the human mind, this SuperNova deserves as well its “own designation” within the framework and context of the Time Science of the Galactic Maya. This new designation is intended to establish a direct connection with the only event in the past of similar magnitude: The discovery of SuperNova 1987A “Quetzalcoatl”, the first supernova explosion ever detected by man back on February 24, 1987 (1987.2.24).

By consciously establishing a 28-YEAR connection between the 2 largest events ever witnessed by the Human “I” we create a new HARMONIC THOUGHT-FORM or a NOOSPHERIC THOUGHT-WAVE. When YOU (the reader) interact with this New Thought-Form, it gets amplified by the mere act of contemplation, generating higher levels of resonance and coherence in the Mental Field of the Earth, activating the Noosphere.

2. The second reason for deliberately changing its name was vibrational: The name ASASSN brings the unconscious mental field of humanity in resonance with verbal sound attractors of low vibrational quality, as the word “ASSASSIN” is charged with violent religious connotations between Islamic and Christian traditions. This low resonance value is associated to other deeply rooted unconscious thought-forms such as words “TERROR” and “ISIS”.

So, having established this 28-YEAR HARMONIC at the macro-level, let´s go now once again time back to our GREGORIAN 56 year 2×28 CALENDAR CYCLE as described in Time and the Technosophere. Counting exactly 56 years into the future likewise with the inauguration of Kennedy and Trump we get the following equation:

Nov 22 1963 – ASASSN JFK on K233 ((((( 56 )))))) Nov 22 2019 AN EVENT on K133

Note that the Dreamspell value on the exact 56 year cycle day is -+100 hence 237:137 and 233:133.

This must not mean that the fate of Kennedy is the same one of Trump. But this means that a similar event is likely possible – GOD ONLY KNOWS. Even though Trump K107 is „hated“ all around the world – he is our own shadow and a mirror of humanities EGO.

Certainly millions of people in Amerihuaca and around the world wished that inauguration on K137 – Lord Ah Vuc Ti Cab never happened. And the WOMEN´s march with millions of participants in over 600 countries worldwide is a great sign of the awakening of the DIVINE FEMININE – part of the human SOUL witch which was numbed for a long time during the 12:60 course of his-Story.

But the DIVINE FEMININE does not hate and kill. The FEMININE gives birth and therefore protects it. The FEMININE knows of the disconnectedness inter-connected-ness of all LIFE on planet eARTh.

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