Differences between Law of Time and Mayan time

I've been looking into the Mayan calendar and realized that these are two different numbering systems. According to the Mayan calendar I was born on 2 Ak'b'al (Night), yet in the Law of Time I was born on 3 Warrior. Both seem to resonate with me, so I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, and whether it is a problem in the first place. With minimal research I found that the Mayan calendar accounts for the lost days of Leap days by adding 13 days to the end of each 52 years, while in the Law of Time this day is simply skipped. Does anyone have information about this discrepancy, and if so, could you please explain it to me? Thank you in advance.

Paul, 3 Warrior, 2 Ak'b'al

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Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on December 6, 2013 at 1:37am
Wow, great answer, Law of Time! The more I get into studying or even just reading more about unity, the Flower of Life, etc., the more I start to "hear" impressions of words in my head, which I'm coming to believe is telepathy. Today I heard much more clearly, and it was while I was looking at pictures online of the Mayan glyphs hewn in stone. Everything I've been so hopeful about is happening, and it's happening right now! Another thing is I get jolts of nervous energy (just felt it in my right thigh) that I really started noticing after studying the 13 major joints in the body. I have to say, I really am glad I jumped in, because I'm starting to notice major evolutions! Sacred geometry was so fascinating today--I watched a video about the I-Ching that connected me on a deep level. What light! What love!
In Lak'ech
Comment by Foundation for the Law of Time on December 5, 2013 at 6:12pm

Great question Paul (and great response Paul :) !

Also, the initial reason for the different place in the counts is that they each have a different start date. The Mayan Long count is a straight count of days, that actually does not skip any days for leap days. This is why it is a "long count" - it simply counts every day. On the other hand, the Dreamspell, which began on White Galactic Wizard, July 26, 1987 - is a cyclic count, which in order to maintain synchronization with the solar, lunar and solar-galactic 52-year cycles observes a leap day.

In short each count has a different purpose. The same is true with cycles within the Law of Time! For example, daily kin cycle is different than the Cube position or day of the Moon.

At their height the Maya followed around 17 different calendars - the point being, the more cycles in harmony with the 13:20 frequency that you track, the greater the immersion in the synchronic order of fourth-dimensional time!

Comment by W Paul Blakey on December 3, 2013 at 3:04pm

The two systems are not in conflict, but people who attach themselves to one system in preference to the other often find themselves in conflict. It may help if you think of the Dreamspell count as a synchronometer and not some sort of version of the Mayan calendar.

Myself, I like the idea of a day out of time, and two days out of time during a leap year. 

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