Anchoring a Galactic Culture - Time Guidance towards A Cosmic Earth

Time Guidance towards A Cosmic Earth

In the coming 13 days expect extraordinary synchronicity - signs of self- and collective transformations.
The Serpent is shedding its skin, the Phoenix is rising, an old civilisation is dying, we are entering into a new galactic culture of Light and can in full consciousness contribute in our own way.

"We are dominated by everything with which our self becomes identified. We can dominate, direct, and utilise everything from which we dis-identify ourselves." - The Act of Will (Roberto Assagioli).

This act of "dis-identification" is both a key and a doorway we can enter to transcend our earth-bound human experience and enter more fully into being who we truly are, star born expressions of a galactic life.

All that we think about ourselves, who and what we are, our expectations, our role in life held up to the light of day no longer to be identified with, stands to be transformed.  We are not our bodies or its appetites, we are neither desires or emotions, we are not the thoughts that preoccupy us.  Where does that leave us? Beyond all that we have ever identified with remains a centre of pure being, a field of consciousness that has infinite guises we may call life, a life that fills the spaces between stars and is in all living beings.

In the space of just 13 days we can transform our world view.  Not only is humanity in the midst of the Scorpio Labour - of confronting the "nine headed hydra", the world shadow raised into the light by the symbolic Hero and Heroine alike of Hercules from the ancient astrological mythology, but we are just beginning the "Red Serpent" 13 day cycle that concludes with "Cosmic Earth", a synchronous experience of the Presence within all lives ...

From instinct (serpent) to intuition (eagle)
From survival of the species to compassion for all beings
From earth-bound to galactic culture.

"I endure in order to evolve,
Transcending synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the cosmic tone of presence."

 - keynote of a Cosmic Earth

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Comment by Fall Aminta on November 4, 2014 at 12:31pm

wonderfull alluszions, and mind the Cosmic Earth release coming up.. reread Intergalactic Bulletin number 5, as also sugessted by RuBen kin 113 the Human aCtivating ProPhetic Power Solar Force.. happy divine feminine synchronization everyBody.

 Love and Light

Comment by Jonathan Eveleigh on November 3, 2014 at 2:08pm

Thank you Fall for your friendship - and this empowering thought.

Yes I felt the Choice and the free will working out. The sense of galactic wholeness is present and felt within our 7 billion mind cell holon. And in these days, in this wavespell, so much transmutation and release. The Serpent turns into a Phoenix Fire Bird, the self cannot cling to the cliff edge any longer but is being swept away by the wings of a far greater bird that takes magic flight!

Comment by Fall Aminta on November 3, 2014 at 12:01pm

Thank you Jonathan for the confirmation. The process of balancing the Great Synchronization has started, last Human Wavespell gave us the opportunity to CHOOSE and transcend in Cosmic Seed's Awareness... to be folloed closely!

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