8/8/16 13 Prophet Red Galactic Skywalker Prediction

Hello all I have not recently been with the site and all you have been doing. However my wife and I have both been involved since 2006 or so in studying and practicing the Law of time. I have recently managed to (after much struggle with seizures) channel the energy that has been been overwhelming me for years. It has come expressing itself to be AT'UL Toltec Chief of Tula Mexico. Absolute Truth Unconditional Love. Many writings have been brought forth thru me as well as music, art ,  elemental alchemy and much more. Trying to understand the calendars from my wifes point of view and what seems to be the view of most has come very hard for me. However I have seen a very geometric approach and come to understand and make some predictions of my own. Being new(old) to the happenings with you guys I was'nt sure the best way or place to share my ideas and efforts. I am in a position of financial desperation for my family that I hope to break by finding some way to apply this knowledge to the here and now. I find the monetary systems to be not of the lands of come from and hope to find a way to participate in something meaningful while also supporting my family, friends and all real-ations, in all 7 nations. Please help point me in the right directions for me to help participate in bringing these dreams of so many to life, Many Thanks to all, Sincerely Chief Ka'nan Clear Feather Lee
 Hello Dear ones...just wanted to express a thought that came flying by and I managed to reach up and grab. This is my perspective from either inside or outside the cube...maybe both...just posting for self reflection maybe..Enjoy the thought
I am one of the 8th tone Red Galactic Skywalkers...13 Prophet Bringer of Lost worlds and Time

My Suns birthday is shared with Jose' A. My wife 108 and Me 220 My Daughter 520(Toltec Zenith date) We are sound in Physical form, light in Celestial form. Sound effects and shapes water...The 5 in my family create a hexagon with 108(wife-Bday) degree angles...4x108=432hz ....2x220=440hz.... 8hz phase hum/shift.... 

Monday-Moon 1 Day 14...Half Moon.... 8/8/2016 ...8+8=16 ...two 8 tone hemispheres of the brain rise together ... atlantis/lemuria....AT'UL....Kin 232...2 hemispheres triune with 2 hemispheres....One Yellow Spectral Human guided by Itself into man-i-fest-at-ion...Mayan Oracle manifest...Through harmonic of 58 cubed...4x58har is 232kin.... The One Dot Primal Kundalini Energy of Red Dragon Manifest thru White World Bridger(my sun and his great grandmother...4 generations) then transfiguration thru the Blue Night (me this year) and onward into Yellow Human form

Tues. is then 233...Red Crystal Skywalker ....This returns the Galactic Traveler to crystalline form to manifest the words of the great scribes of time thru the insertion into Akashics of the Sacred Heart of the Land of Ka'nan , My daughter a red dragon, Ruby(red crystal) the Philosophers Stone. This is guided by the ascending red dragon now serpent initiate on 233. Within the insert of the sacred heart is the 21st seal of the Mayan/Toltec Archetype AT'UL Toltec Chief LU'TA Mayan Chieftess...Atlantis Lemuria....Chief Ka'nan of the LeeTribe... Votan descendant of the 7 nations....The 7 scrolls of Silverman 925 are also contained within. These contain a prayer of repentance to the natives and a request that the Trail of Tears be erased from the Akashic Records changing the hear and now....based on generations of observance and calculations. This AT'UL has observed and Shares thru the hands of the Scribe Chief Ka'nan

My accumulative thoughts on this are that in 13:20 the pages of the living book fold inward at the 10 white Dog.... As of this past Hunab Ku the 21st seal was inserted raising the chin of the Dragon to look towards initiation breaking the cycle of St. George slaying the Dragon. This allows the Red Spectrum(Red Skins) of the rainbow to raise their ARC by folding the Book outward on the 13 Phrophet...This creates a new bridge to the living book between 10-13 allowing all the accumulative days out of time to be added to the pages now extended to 13:26 folding on 13. This comes thru the knowledge of the Golden Mean Ratio of 13:21 the Spiral of life Hunab Ku. The black sheep inherit the Golden fleece and are given golden horns of plenty as the Ram.

This new angle on the ARC shifts creating another rainbow and sweeps the planet as another of many NoOspheres...Mound Building.....Multi-Dimensional Existence....and Non-existence

Just thoughts I have found within myself and my story...for anyone who is'nt on the otherside already and laughing at my ridiculous efforts to understand this whole strange game of life....

In Lak'ech

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Comment by Chief Kanan Clear Feather on August 30, 2016 at 10:46pm

The Cyclic Oroborus of the Serpent has been Broken.... the rise of Red Dragon is Now in New SKin... AURA-BO-REAL-ALIS Green eYe Race of Oricles Emerald Green Portals.... the Twins of the TWO fingers of the Prince of Peace comes between 33 yrs... 3113....  But he is PEACE V.... EV3.... breaks the Cubic thought patterns of EEE to 333... Energy Vortex 3.... 3113 is doubled 6226... 62...26..... 13:26... 31+31 is 62.... AT'ULU'TA is ....NEW ALPHABET-A... A'TOOL.... 2nd level Binary to Mirror the Stars....

Comment by Chief Kanan Clear Feather on August 30, 2016 at 10:34pm

Bless You from all 4 Directions with the Breath of Elohim...... Watching the Magic of that Happening.... Thank you DEAR HEART... AK'AT'ULU'TA'KA may ATL-antis and LeMUriA never Stand Divided.... AT'UL and LU'TA

Comment by Robin Merrill on August 30, 2016 at 3:21am

Wow! Very prophetic indeed! Especially now that there are over sixty Native American tribes, including the Cherokee banding together to protect our lands from the "Black Serpent", Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL) at standing Rock, North Dakota right now. I am a descendant of one of the Trail of Tear's survivors. My grandmother...I don't know how many generations back from me. It is TIME to clear away the karma. May the curse of financial desperation NOW!, BE BROKEN OFF FROM YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! SO MODE IT BE...IT IS DONE!

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