The Vision Council A program Article for the Vision Council Self-existing Field, days 15 to 21 (4th Moon), Planetary Wizard year (1-7 November, 2015). Russia, Sebastopol. The Vision Council is an gro…

The Vision Council

A program Article for the Vision Council
Self-existing Field, days 15 to 21 (4th Moon), Planetary Wizard year
(1-7 November, 2015).

Russia, Sebastopol.

The Vision Council is an group assembly or organ devoted for the of functional cooperation and coordination of Planetary Art Network and Galactic Synchronization School.

Therefore there are two main operating wings with the corresponding spectrums of subjects ant themes.

1)Methodological wing. The aim of the one is to formulate methods and techniques of passing the Teaching, applied in the educational programs on different levels, both in the frames of PAN, and GSS; meaning, that the Galactic Synchronization School formation and development occurred as a direct result of PAN work, and as establishment of the next stage of unfoldment of the Teaching of the Law of Time.

In its work the Methodological wing is codependent and relies on the second wing – Semantic.

2)Wing of the Teaching the Law of Time or Semantic. Work of this direction lies in comprehension and formulation of meanings and purposes of the unfolding levels, or layers, of the Teaching of the Law of Time.

Vision Council is hold in the form combining:

  1. Conference (thematic reports, questions, discussions, conclusions etc.)
  2. Cathedral or Platform (by working directions) seminars, reports, lectures within subgroups.
  3. Expeditionary-mysterial work.

Vision Council is formed by initiative representatives of PAN Nodes, as well as coordinators and participants of GSS.

The main themes and subthemes of the meeting of Vision Council come – what is natural – from its function as an organ or assembly of cooperation of the two interconnected structures – PAN and GSS.

Here are the main themes to cover at the Vision Council.

1)Functioning of PAN and GSS

  • PAN and GSS purposes and functions.
  • PAN and GSS: principles of functioning and mutual coordination of their work as stages of a single structure of the unfoldment of the body the Law of Time Teaching.
  • Establishing the principles of forming of the single methodology for coordination PAN and GSS work.
  • PAN work alignment in a New Cycle. Features of the work and methodological approach in carring out of educational programs by PAN Nodes.
  • Principles of GSS work.
  • Stratification of GSS and formation of 3 levels of courses:
  1. General preparatory;
  2. Basic;
  3. Leading or Advanced.
  • Principles of training for the group facilitators, assistants and curators for each of the three courses.
  • Stages and principles of forming GSS bioregional branches.
  • Perspectives and principles of carrying out of bioregional GSS programs (1 and 2 courses – general preparatory and basic).
  • Principles of carrying out of Assemblies of Planet Art Network and Conferences of Galactic Synchronization School.

2)The Teaching of the Law of Time.

  • Sevenfold body of unfoldment of the Teaching of the Law of Time through the energies and qualities of the Seven Rays.
  • Place and function of the Law of Time Teaching in permanent process of ontogenesis of the world teachings.
  • Structure of the body of manifestation of the Teaching of the Law of Time.
  • Aspects and levels of the Law of Time Teaching (broad spectrum of topics).
  • Place and responsibility of a Subject (Individual, Group) inside the body of the Teaching.
  • Evolution of individual perception of the Teaching: speculative (outer) – objectively-scientific (mental) – inner (spiritual).
  • Principles of spiritual apprenticeship and the Path in Teaching of the Law of Time.
  • Methods of individual and group work in the cycle of sequence of 13 situational fields of year as an unfoldment of 13 Tones of Creation.
  • Objective and subjective aspects of the form of the Law of Time Teaching liable to natural process of transformation in a New Cycle.

For writing and performing a report (survey, review), you may choose one or several from the suggested themes, or to offer another theme, consideration of which is expedient for the general work.

After choosing a theme (or themes), please, inform the coordinators of the Vision Council by the address and present the name and detailed plan of your report.

PAN Nodes and their representatives, members of Galactic Synchronization School, as well as individuals and groups studding and working with the Law of Time teaching in the key of synthesis and universalism, are called for cooperation.

Your work in the Vision Council can be both as a participant and co moderator – in case you have prepared a report on a subject or subjects.

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