Hey Starlightloveflowerkid on Mother Earth Gaia in the first Years of New Age after the Mayan Calendar and Flowerkid of "New Time Spirit" on this last Planet in this Orbit after the bloody Trauma of …

Hey Starlightloveflowerkid on Mother Earth Gaia in the first Years of New Age after the Mayan Calendar and Flowerkid of "New Time Spirit" on this last Planet in this Orbit after the bloody Trauma of Worlds-Wars of Prae-History!
Between the cold frozen Warriorplanet Mars and hot burnt Love Planet Venus now on the old Jail of Brain Police: and Neptun´s Home: the Mother Earth GAIA,!!
Space Ship Terra, from Erra (old Mother Planet between Mars and Jupiter / now only Asteroidcycle and Sister
Moon Diana!!!)

Come to Gaia Embassy´s "TIME-TUNNEL"!(www.gaiaembassy.de) And fly into the Timetrip to the Time Spirit of NEW AGE with the:
"Cosmic Time Jump 2013/14"( and see sadly the new "Brown Idealism" like on 1914, too; + the old Brainpolice try to play the next bloody 100 Year Warprogram through the deciding 10., golden 20., speedy 30., bloody 40.,fat 50.,psychedelic 60.,rocky 70.,puncy 80.,hard 90.,crazy 00.and deciding 10. again... Lets stop it to transform in Peace + Love of cosmic green Days of free Ecotopia instaed brown All every-Days of Utopia!!!!! )

while from the oldest middle-galactic Black Hole/ Sunlight-stream around 2011 till End of 2013/14 from the de-materialsating "Black Mother" after Mayan Philosophy) into the "Transformation of the Materialism" to the next Swift and new Turn around of our Galaxy,
and while the deciding Times of this new (10.th) Decade and Century of New Millenium Energy and Death of Love Parade after the old bloody Dream and Trauma of Praehistory;
into the cosmic ecotopian green Dream of "COSMIC TIME JUMP 2013/+14" to jump more and more into the next Dimensionsstreams (4.+5.),
and while more and more Sun-eruptions Activity of Brother Sun Helios with the High-peak around End of 2012/13 !! Together with the silly daily burnt Oil-Ice-film of the Jumbo´s Acid Rain and more, and more des-infectional Vulcon Ash-Rain...

Mother Earth cry to us to help Mother Earth to activate the international Non Profite GAIA NETWORK COMPANY
for Naturevariability and Healarts with the "Cosmic Future Music !!!!-Project
with the eco-social Self Development Context
into the healing Rock´n Roll of Living Architecture Musicality of E- Land Art Continuity for the "FLOWER POWER" and "Woodstock Generation" of NEW MILLENIUM Love Energy!!!
And join GAIA NETWORK COMPANY to create more soft !!!!!!!!!! Live-, Love- + Ur Energy for more free Love, free Energy + free Society!!!
Maybe through the int. COSMIC CHURCH, - PARTY + SOCIETY!?
Instaed to hold on the deeper deathly heavy-metal+ hard Energy

of Petrol-Cars+ Cerosine Jumbos and nuclear Industry and

hard E SMOG Mircowave- Brainwashbox- Handy´s

+ W-Lan PC´s !!!!

Which kill more and more

for example the natural


and honey




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Comment by Volker Görke on November 17, 2019 at 5:25pm

+ Yes: "The Punc is death"! ;  At End of the 80. with the "Punk"-band "The exploited" The Punc was really death! The psychedelic 60., the fat 70. are long over + running into new brown Utopia with stolen Sexuality/Love, Creativity and Spirituality(Basicneeds) more and more in Spacebook(=Facebook Arm), too!

The old Brotherhoods egoboosting and Money earning WarGame Plan was: After the deceiding 10.thies + golden 20., the speedy 30. with the summary of the Bloody 40. + happy 50. into psychedelic 60.+fat 70, and after the puncy 80. + hard 90. as cazy 00. , the cycle to cut down the Sexuality/Love(Body/Emotion)- Creativity(Spirit/Cognition) + Spirituality(Soul/Intuition) was reached again, and maybe as next one , too, cause the are more and more experienced!? So we need more Clearing off (+Art a la John Heartfield)  about the Secret Politic of Brotherhoods and Goverments etc. !!!!

Comment by Volker Görke on November 17, 2019 at 4:54pm

Yes, some old ETs as the "Greys" have stolen for example much things like the Magic of Music! And so: Come on and "Roll on the Stone" with my Earthblues Future Music Band of "The Holy Rollings Stones" with the soft free Energy Land Art Continuity with the healing Rock´n Roll Musicality of the Earthacupuncturetool of the forgotten holy Stones as "1. Rolling Stones", where the "Cosmic Breath" Come down"Like a Rolling Stone!!!

And as old Brother of Future from Sirius, see more details in my Homepage of the 1. Embassy from Mother Earth => www.gaiaembassy.de (we have no really "Embassy of Mother Earth", yet, spiritual seen very poor!!!!)

Comment by Malaclypse the Elder on November 15, 2019 at 9:22pm

Of planet Two

the channeler AQYin swears "RA" told her all about we as our ancestors there.

created the caste system based on MUSICAL ABILITY.   Billions of AEONS ago.

People who stole what would have been freely given died and went to Planet FOUR.

orgins of misogyny and rigid patriarchs.   But Planet Two choked on baffling asura>>

made to feel as if all attempts to love were STUPID.

NOT a perfect channeler!   BEWARE of "Evil - Merodach,"  entities of short life who have been

devotees of MARDUK (Rupert Murdoch?) for aeons.  Quantum Foam...

"...since the process of mating was impulsive, innocent, and unrestrained by all..."  on Venus,

many psychedelic memories of Golden Ages are held.  Past Wife Regressions happen.


But don't become POSESSED by Entities like Jane Roberts and Amorh Quan Yin were.  Avoid horrible possessed death, punciboi, always discern.  

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