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Crowd funding CHC Vol 1

The folks at lawoftime.org are trying to put out an eBook version of Cosmic History Chronicles Vol 1 which is out of print. All seven of the books are planned to be in eBook format, but volume one is the most important at this stage.

Each book will cost $400 to make into an eBook, and I have suggested to the folks at law of time dot org that it would make sense to crowd fund the process by making it easy for people to make small donations, rather than waiting for one 'angel' to…


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Fue escrito por la Dra. en Letras Emma Godoy, mexicana. Fue distinguida con la Bandera de la Paz, de manos de la Dra. Alicia Rodríguez y en agradecimiento escribió ese maravilloso CREDO.



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lunas espectrales

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The Original Solar System - Arcturus Probe Remembered

“Gather the fragments of knowledge, and return them to their rightful place if you are to attain wholeness.”  CHC Vol 4 Gate 10


Is it not better to be one of those who meditate in the night, prostrating and staying up, being aware of the Hereafter, and seeking the mercy of their Lord? Say, "Are those who know equal to those who do not know?" Only those who…


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Earth - Venus

If it happens in the universe, it happens as geometry. Here is more evidence that the fundamental dynamics of the universe are governed by geometry: pictured are the traces of the paths that the Earth and Venus travel over an 8 year period as they orbit the sun.

Geometry is the study of the structure of space and space is the one thing that is everywhere in the universe no matter where you go, how big or how small. Space connects every point in the universe to every single other point…


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Yall spotted this Crest-like undertaking yet? NEP


i got a nice Blueprint (lo res 3Mb)

points 4 and 5 (of 6) characterizing the 'Q-permaculture' practice are ...

rockdust and ORMUS ... I kid you not


15 places worldwide .. around a 100 acres, 4 confirmed

10thou acres on a tiny pacific island and thousands each in chili and costa


1:01 minute long animation…


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Luna Resonante del Mono,

¡Hola a todos!

Quiero compartir con ustedes el post acerca de la Luna Resonante en mi blog.



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Encuentro en Brasil luna 4

N.S. Kin 40 Kali

Encuentro en Brasil con la Reina Roja y la Re-Activación de la Red de Arte Planetaria

De gama 3 a limi 6 de la luna Auto-existente del Buho, varios kines del cono sur (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil) fuimos a reencontrarnos y participar del retiro/seminario dado por la Reina Roja “ Synchronotron: el vehículo del tiempo”.

Fuimos invitados, recibidos y abrazados por, kin 93 y 252 de Brasil, en el Centro de Estudios e Investigacion de la…


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"Bienvenid@s ...El esplendor del Amor Iridiscente para Ti...desde mi centro corazon mi Kin Ahu Sol Espectral Amarillo - Romeia Mariño

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