"Welcome to the Overtone Moon of Radiance, the fifth of the 13 Moon wavespell.

In this Moon we ask ourselves: How can I empower myself and others?


At this stage of evolution, we are engulfed in the cumulative human ignorance of the ages. All is free will.

We can only see what we are conditioned to know. We have been formulating thinking patterns without examining our minds. Only by taking time to know our own mind, can we know what our actual state of consciousness is.

For those who choose ignorance this life is a series of baffling events all fragmented and unrelated.

When ignorance becomes too great different beings appear on Earth. These Ones contain specific vibrational frequencies to help serve as lights in the darkness.

These Ones are the keepers of the Memory of the Original Dream. They serve as superconscious "sensitivity points" on the planet with their minds tethered to the Stars. Their earth experience serves as a type of probe anchored to other dimensions.

They have awakened the fifth element: the fifth force. Are you one of them?

The fifth force is the quintessence or heart of any given form or idea. The fifth force is also the interdimensional faculty of transfusing and integrating higher-dimensional information into the physical vehicle.

Lifting above the whole earth you can scan the continents for these moving lights who are coded carriers of the new frequencies. These moving lights are also dispersed into the oceans disguised as dolphins and whales.

These light bearers carry a particular resonant frequency that is encoded into their neurocerebral system, which provides a type of tracer light that shows up on monitor screens in other worlds. As we learn how to turn on and activate our brain interface technology (via the holomind perceiver), we begin to gain access to different thinking layers in the universe and other cosmic civilizations. For more on thinking layers see new living time science blog.

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Yes, the universe is far vaster in intelligence and dimensionality than that to which we have conditioned and limited ourselves. There is a comprehensive light of holistic knowledge, a higher coordinating intelligence, and a grand galactic council presided by the nine lords of time and destiny who abide only by supreme divine law.
—Valum Votan "


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