Cosmic History

The Seven Volume Cosmic History Chronicles by José Argüelles/Valum Votan–Blue Spectral Monkey, and Stephanie South/Red Queen–Red Electric Serpent

Special thanks to Michel for encoding and creating these amazing audio/video renditions of the Cosmic History Chronicles!

Book of the Cube

The Book of the Cube has been called forth by death, rebirth and liberation from cosmic disorder. It is the seventh and final in the Cosmic History Chronicles series, signifying the capacity for the creative process to equalize itself in all directions simultaneously. All aspects of creation are equal as are all sides of the cube.

This oracular book comes with the reminder: All reality is equidistant from your perceiver!

Book of the Cube is a self-oracle where you take the journey into the inner dimensions of nature - where mind creates reality and reality creates mind. From the portals of mind come the dimensions of time, space and number.

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Part IV

Book of the Transcendence

We are at a time when knowledge is being renewed. We are being called to turn inward, away from the virtual cyber-world into the vast realm of our own mind - the ultimate supercomputer.

Book of the Transcendence is an interdimensional software program downloaded from higher dimensions, containing practices for Synchrogalactic and Holographic Yoga, a reenvisioning of the solar system, new information on Planetary Geomancy, the Galactic I Ching and much more.

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Book of the Timespace

"We are entering a new timespace. We will no longer be the same human. We are being changed into something new. A radical shift and evolution of the human species is about to occur. We shall become something we cannot imagine now."

As a species we are now going very quickly from the psychically fractured timespace of the clock and its artificial reality to an integral timespace where our minds and bodies are synchronized once again with the cosmic cycles of the universe. This fifth volume of the projected seven-volume series explores the cosmic meaning of timespace as the medium of psychic and social organization focusing on the nature of society in relation to the Absolute. Visions of Tollan, Babylon and Utopia illumine the investigation of an enduring archetypal order and the effect of timing programs on the human psyche, especially as we move into an era of galactic synchronization and cosmic consciousness. Taking into account the role that historically transcendent archetypes have played in guiding human social evolution, a special feature of this text is the presentation of the 21 Archetypes of Hunab Ku - a new and psychically transfiguring means of exploring the post-2012 timespace that now awaits us.

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Book of the Initiation

"December 21, 2012 marks the grand planetary initiation - it is not an end unto itself - but a beginning for those who can make it past the threshold."

We are living in a time of unprecedented planetary initiation as our world is shifting from one state to another. This book takes us on journey of this process of initiation as an esoteric or hermetic experience as seen from the perspective of the Law of Time. It shows that individual initiations correspond very closely to the shifts of consciousness that we, as an entire species, are passing. This book also emphasizes the continuity of the hermetic tradition in the past two centuries and includes biographical sketches of many esotericists such as Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Dane Rudhyar, Sri Aurobindo, Alice Bailey, Nicholas Roerich, G.I. Gurdjieff and Mevlana, among others. It also explores the nature of symbols and symbolic systems; cosmic mediumship in the coming age; and the nature of sex from the esoteric perspective. The text concludes with a thorough introductory description of the synchronic order as a symbolic construct.

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Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Book of the Mystery

"It is the duty of the Book of the Mystery to bring to the forefront the fact that, yes, human civilization is swimming in an ever-increasing sea of images, and many people are depressed and struggling every day just to survive. Why? The reason lies in a whole system disconnect from Source reinforced by the bombardment of images. According to Cosmic History, this situation can change in an instant when the human learns to shake off preconceptions of the world and regain their imaginal freedom. Once everyone returns to the core of their unique, imaginal essence, our planet will be transformed." (Book of the Mystery)

This book is a must have for all artists and creative people alike. It takes us on a journey through the imaginal realm, especially as perceived in the present transition from the cycle of history into that of an era of galactic synchronization and cosmic consciousness. Of special note is the history of rock and roll, pop art and the creation and effects of the cybersphere as providing bridges to a new evolving planetary art form. Attention is also paid to a comprehension of the nature of art and the imagination from the evolutionary perspective of cosmic consciousness as a principle means of attaining to the Absolute. The text features a series of visionary telepathic meditations and a fold-out index of famous artists, rock stars and personalities as they are coded into the 260 unit Tzolkin or Harmonic Module of the Law of Time.

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Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Book of the Avatar

"The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the point of view of extraterrestrial intelligence."

This book is vast and requires careful study. It touches on a variety of themes, including a re-envisioning of the history of the cosmos, the nature of revelation in history, and the descent of divine knowledge as the means of renewing and evolving the consciousness of humanity, all as viewed from the lens of the Law of Time and the synchronic order. Of special note are: The treatment of the 13.7 billion year history of the present cycle of cosmic evolution; the description and analysis of the principle spiritual messengers of history; and, most significantly, the presentation of cosmic science as a startlingly new (extra-terrestrial) descent or revelation of knowledge, including as an appendix, a complete translation of the original treatise, "An Introduction to Cosmic Science."

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Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Book of the Throne

Using as a foundation a sequence of 260 two-hour galactic mind transmissions, the Cosmic History Chronicles are a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next steps on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system. Through the Cosmic History Chronicles, the great gift of the Law of Time is ripened into a vehicle of universal upliftment, propelling us into our next stage of spiritual-mental evolution.

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