• Social Media Workgroup

    24 members

    Don't resist the revolution, get involved! The technosphere is our creation, so let's embrace that we can create an amazing influence in the world out there through these platforms. We manage many pages and groups in the social media outlets, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Now accepting C…

  • 120 art modalities

    13 members

    Study and research of the 120 art modes in the Law of Time.  What are the 120 art modes?  How do we express these art modes in our lives?  How do these art modes relate to the blending of the senses in synesthesia?

  • El Jardin: Medicine Land Project

    6 members

  • Time is Art STL

    3 members

    Studying time for galactic synchronization in the St. Louis area

  • Arizona Pan Node

    2 members

    A group where we can meet and discuss life! Fire spin.... eat raw chocolate and make festival plans.... eat mushrooms and drink kombucha

  • ArtLibrary Foundation

    1 member

    This Group is to connect you to ALF, the ArtLibraryFoundation.com It's a new social service to catalog all works of arts.

  • PAN Portland - Cascadia Earth

    2 members

  • PicarKIN 1999 Seminário Madre de Mag@s De lá Tierra

    1 member

    Somos un PAX TEL EK TON ON Todo es Perfecto AMEN Unificados en lá TotaliDAD Mag@s De La Tierra Arco Íris OrientAMOR! Vamos Recordando ommmm 4:7::7:13 en APUSyo Soy! Ahau

  • Proyecto Noogénesis

    2 members

    Tú eres parte de la Noogénesis

  • Noogénesis Español

    5 members

    Tú eres parte de la Noogénesis

  • Noogenesis

    6 members

    You are part of the Noogenesis.

  • Parenting in the New Frequency

    12 members

    For parents, so that we may exchange stories and ideas to raising our children in this ever changing world.


    2 members

    Thiz group waz created for thoze who love EDM. DJ'z, producer'z, Muzicianz who perform EDM. Fanz of EDM. ************************ Rulez: NO H8. One Love.  ******************* Created by Cazzy the Alien

  • Crop Circle Synchronauts

    36 members

    This group is set up as a space to hold discussion and exploration regarding crop circles and their appearance through the lens of the synchronic order. By looking up the date of the appearance of any crop circle and decoding that date, we can gain further insight into these star messages...

  • 13:20 Peacegarden Lung Ta (Spain)

    20 members

    Location Bioregion of the Warrior, Spain, natural park La Garrotxa, nearby a town called Olot in the province of Gerona. Contacts Sieger de Vries (Kin 73) siegerdevries@hotmail.com   Language Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French, Catalan, the language of number and the language of the heart. Web…

  • Spiritual Partnership

    6 members

  • Ondas Encantadas por Iara Moraes

    5 members

  • Lunga Ta 13:20 Peacegarden

    6 members

  • Ashland Oregon New Beam Integration Station

    3 members

    This galacticSpacebook group is to facilitate communication for everyone gathering in the Ashland Oregon area - a place to sort out the where, when, why and how of our gatherings.

  • West Coast Kin Connect

    17 members