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I have decided to include a group connected to the wisdom of the crystal skulls to this site of galactic -cosmic space and time.

Crystal Skulls, I consider to be the earth keepers..wisdom keepers , and time keepers that connect us as 3d humans to our 'higher selves', incarnate discarnate, cosmic, astral, whatever ..spirit is just the word that to me describes that which is more than simply the human body..not just referring to as many do to those passed over from this realm of 'life'.

As a medium and channel, the crystal skulls have worked with me, leading me to now to discover, uncover and explore the world of the 'law of time', VV AND RQ'S work, and to what I believe to be a return back to my own natural time and space and way of being, let alone that of the planet and those that habituat it as a whole.

The skulls, create what I have experienced to be great synchronicity and allow us to interact, with like mindedness and unity of consciousness ... and from the space of the heart rather than the mind.

The skulls seem to use our  'minds' as an instrument or tool for transmitting and reieving thought and information to us, but connect to us through and via the Heart..(Earth).

The skull I have pictured in the avatar of the group , is "heart (earth) of the Christos", belonging at one stage to a shaman, teacher ,and true earth spirit, who worked with the energy of Quatzecoatl and the magic number 11...being in my care now , with 3 others of the clan of that person who I refer to as Moonhawk, who passed from the earth plane in Jan 2010, and led me to my first international event..Rainbow warrior gathering, that a group of us put together in his honour, as was celebrated in and around the Garden of the Gods' Colorado .

I feel that this skull particularly now, and also my large blue aragonite..Manaka Minawe..avatar of light'...are assisting me and others in this journey, and are holding space and information and connection to the stars and those galactic beings and frequencies to which I am finding more and more connection to as the years pass...reconnecting to mindfully and with more clarity and understanding over time.


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preparation... the telektonon and hunab ku 21 1 Reply

as momentum seems to gather... I find I am having a morning of synchronicity.. ( as usual but more)..setting up the telektonon in order to discover and hopefully download more understanding..i set my…Continue

Started by ShirleySienna. Last reply by PAULINE NORRIS Jun 1, 2013.

Newbies to the World of the Dreamspell...;)

adding this into my group , as  a 'newbie' myself and plunging in deep, I thought maybe there are others like me, well I know there thort maybe make a space to ask 'dumb' questions, and lets…Continue

Tags: discoverd, energy, and, only, really

Started by ShirleySienna Mar 18, 2013.

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Comment by Paula Forster on March 17, 2013 at 3:11am

Nice synch with Flordemayo Shirley! When you get your Peace banner, I'm thinking the Mongolians are going to love a photo on there...

Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 6:20pm

This video is of the 'timeless' and sacred mOngolian and Himalayan crystal skulls. the syncronicity of being a caretaker of 2 of the mOngolians..Om and Blue Lotus came with the link thru the law of time, to the banner of peace and Nicolas Roerich, whom i had read about, and had synch with during a lot of theh journey with these skulls, the other caretakers and gatherings.

an artifact which i have been able to see, named the 'banner of shambhala that was at one time belonging it is believed to Roerich has the symbol of the 3 circles upon it, and connects to the mOngolian skulls and what we feel is their the shamanic Bon/ pre tibetan  religion.

for also linked the tibetan or buddhist and Mayan link with the skulls and the dreamspell as  a whole...more confirmation i find as i go..;) bless

Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 6:15pm
Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 4:41pm

As synchronicity would have it..youtubing VV and listening to many of his dowloads this day, of red skywalker..i now stumble upon one of him in canada 2010..being honoured by one of the 13 grandmothers..Flora de mayo..not actaully having watched this thru before..just listening..( unfortunately the woman drumming and singing in the background is rather overpowering.!) but for the first time, I saw that Flora de mayo held her amber crystal skull over Jose VV'S own skull to bless him.

THis skull is amber grandmother ..carved and cared for by Moonhawk whom i mention was caretaker of 4 of my skulls, gfather coyote(christos), Gmother mountin lion ( Honeybee11) , grandmother white wolf, and Grandmother blue bear..each representing north east south and west.

Flora de mayo recieved the Amber grandmother after moonhawk to me, this is a wonderful synchronicity to find as im posting and creating a skull group here.

It does not mean that you have to have crystal skulls, nor follow their guidance, simply that I have been drawn to post a group about them here, if it takes your interest.

I was not sure to do this, but, I feel now I have my confirmation.(from vv)



Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 4:35pm
Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 3:28pm

"I am you and you are me, timeless and expansive'..these are the words channeled by Manaka..avatar of light to his original caretaker White elk Woman, in his years with her in the Uk. He came to me last year 2012 at his own request to her.

Already setting in place the synchronicity of that message in preparation for this 'time' 2012/2013..end and beginning of new cycle.

His 'message' as channeled : The Universe is a living entity. It is part of you and all that is. Treat it with respect and honour its timeless presence every day, every night, every light year , every epoch, eon and age - although - I am ageless and timeless. I am not just your eath, but many earths and stars and more, much more, beyond your awareness. I come to you today to speak  of multiverses and expansivness.

Carry me in your heart, for you too are a Universal Avatar. Forever spread your love and light to the universe as I do to you....

LOve, light ,joy , laughter...all these things are you, all these things are me. We are the universe; timeless, expansive, ever flowing, ever growing. There is nothing outside of yourself that is not you, that is not me...the universe...

Manaka Minawe ( mani)

Comment by ShirleySienna on March 16, 2013 at 3:20pm


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