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Fall Aminta

Kin 100: Yellow Solar Sun

Bob Minea

Kin 60: Yellow Galactic Sun

Chief Kanan Clear Feather

Kin 73: Red Galactic Skywalker

Christina Jeskey

Kin 130: White Cosmic Dog

Moreno Dias

Kin 127: Blue Planetary Hand

Leire Etxeandia

Kin 138: White Galactic Mirror

Debby Ferguson

Kin 175: Blue Rhythmic Eagle

Mertxe Zuza

Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm

gaia.beth love

Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon

Monica Jo Guariso

Kin 192: Yellow Planetary Human


Kin 176: Yellow Resonant Warrior

Marquis A Vazquez

Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star

Bilvil Elhud

Kin 56: Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

Z. E. H. W.

Kin 98: White Resonant Mirror

Jeff Pollari

Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

Matheus Henrique Martins

Kin 252: Yellow Overtone Human

Donovan Wilcox

Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm


Kin 239: Blue Overtone Storm

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Living Time Science by Stephanie South/Red Queen

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Time, Love, Authenticity Kin 80, Yellow Lunar Sun

13:20:Frequency:Shift blog by Stephanie South/Red Queen

Interdimensional Star Map Revisited Red Electric Moon, Kin 29. True magic is the power that bridges the dimensions. Because of this, true magic can be systematized and used on specific occasions. To call forth the true magic, the dreamspell that bridges the dimensions, … Continue reading

Dark City: Light Mission, Palenque and Teotihuacan 2018

With the rapid transformation taking place on our planet and with all the upheaval within and without as the forces of destruction  seek to separate and obliterate us, we are called once again to the memory of the Greater Dream. … Continue reading

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