as momentum seems to gather... I find I am having a morning of synchronicity.. ( as usual but more)..

setting up the telektonon in order to discover and hopefully download more understanding..i set my crystal skull upon it ...Sygnus, whom this morning seems to have changed his spelling to Cygnus in order to fully align with the constellation of Cygnus, which he has always shown me his connection to, and sometimes the image of a swan appears in the skull.

such a morning.. it is my galactic birthday.. I have had my 52 nd year in blue storm, and now will enjoy my new beginnings, as we move into galactic seed.. most appropriate.

52 in itself, is 7.. 7 relates so much to me also, year 1960 is 7, my base number is 7, and I find 7 has enhanced my journey since 2007, and although sometimes torrid, is the seeker of the great mystery, the unfoldment of the individual who seeks to understand and affiliate with its meanining.

after setting up the telektonon board, I wondered what 7x7x7x7 would add to..and the answer is 2401, which I can reduce to 7..

so lots of 7 synchronicity today..feeling like I am track and heading toward Mt Shasta with skull for the opening of the cycle of galactic seed, and whatever else the universe decides to share of its divine plan.. blessings to all.

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Awesome Info Shirley


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