From the Yellow Seed grows the Yellow Warrior - Crop circle from 22nd August 2014 at Ackling Dyke, UK

From the Yellow Seed grows the Yellow Warrior

This crop circle has appeared on August 22, 2014, at Ackling Dyke, near Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, UK.

An interpretation according to the Harmonic Module Tzolkin:

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I just wanted to offer you a great big "thank you" and an even bigger hug! This date 8-22 holds a very special significance for me, I sensed the day before that there would be a crop circle appearing on 8-22-14. The third link you shared here was especially helpful. Walk in Peace, walk in Love. -LiLi

Dear LiLi, thank you so much for the kind words!! You obviously have a telepathic connection with the crop circle makers ;-). And yes, the site is very good, it offers a lot of informations about the crop circles.
Wishing you very happy and joyful days,

So funny that you should mention "a telepathic connection to the crop circle makers". I had a dream in 2009 about being on the edge of a field on a dirt road next to a foreign automobile (the driver's side was on the right). In my dream I was accompanied by at least two other beings and we were invisible. I was handed a black T-shirt with the picture of a crop circle on it. We were giggling about a prank we were about to pull on the operator of the vehicle. I passed through the car like it was made of ether and spread out the shirt over the back seat on the passenger side. When I awoke I had dirt and grass on the bottoms of my feet, I thought perhaps I had been sleep-walking, but there was no trail leading to my bed on the wood floor of my apartment. I read "2012 and the Return of QuetzelCoatl" by Daniel Pinchbeck, in March of 2012. In his book he mentioned an incident that occurred that perfectly coincided with my dream. What I found most astonishing is that the event unfolded for him in either 2005 or 2006! I laughed and laughed, after I picked my jaw back up off the floor, so to speak. ;)  -LiLi

Dear LiLi, you have so exciting dreams and after-dream experiences!! Sometimes the veil between the dream and the "reality" is so diffuse...

Have you read about how the medium from Netherlands Robbert van den Broeke receives telepathic information when a new crop circle appears? Here is a video where he and his friend explain one of these stories:


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