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Given the meditation techniques, studies of the synchronic order and educational reformulation according to the Cosmic History Chronicles, the scientific investigations of the telepathic structures of solar-galactic fields of electromagnetic consciousness will occur in a context appropriate to the triggering of the rainbow bridge.—Valum Votan

One of the principle purposes of the CREST13 project is to create Earth’s first telepathic network. How is this to be accomplished?

Telepathy depends on synchronization of a collective mind. All the CREST13 Centers are to be unified by following a common set of practices on a daily basis at set times so that there can be as high a degree of synchronization as possible. This means that all centers will need to be aware of all other centers in their locations and time zone relationships to each other.

We should collectively choose a day to begin at all the centers simultaneously (suggested Planetary Moon 13, Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror). The intention of the practices commonly pursued is to approximate the consciousness states of the noosphere.

This program of practices is based on two principle points: natural mind meditation and synchronic order visualization. The natural mind meditation is the foundation because only by clearing the mind of conditioned thoughts and egoic conceptualizations can there be the open space for telepathic communication to occur.

The practices of the synchronic order, beginning with synchronization of the 13 Moon calendar, cover a wide spectrum, but because they are all based on the Law of Time, they intrinsically activate the fourth-dimensional order of reality, the nature of the noosphere itself.

To accommodate the practices, each center will have a space to accommodate all participants in group meditations and visualizations. At the same time the residents will each have their own personal practice spaces.

Accompanying the practices should be a program of study. Since the orientation of the CREST13 is in anticipation of the noosphere, and the new order of reality, much of the study will be based on the Cosmic History Chronicles, but will also include biosphere-noosphere studies; cosmic, astronomical, and solar system investigations; and principles of bioregionalism and sustainable living, including simple practical survival techniques. Each center should have a small library and study spaces.

Individual and group artistic cultivation will be strongly encouraged as a principle means of expressing the understanding and perception of the new order of reality where time is art.

All CREST13 centers will aim toward having vegetarian or even vegan diets, and clean living.

Key Practices for CREST13 & 13:20 Peace Gardens

(These are the basics, which of course can be expanded on)

You can create your own morning UR spiritual practice according to your inclination. Consistency is the key. It is good to sit in the same place everyday for your practice. This way you will "charge" that spot and the practice will become easier.

See below for a sample program. In this you might include yoga, tai chi chuan, falun dafa, etc.

To summarize our daily practices as a unified planetary CREST13 program:

  1. Salat or other Prayer of Submission to the Supreme One (recommended but optional)
  2. Natural Mind Meditation (mandatory)
  3. Pranayam Practices: 7x 4-stage inhale-exhale, 3x alternating nostrils, fire breathing, dedication of merit "may all sentient beings attain enlightenment simultaneously!"
  4. Open the Daily Heptad Gate and Solar Mantra/Visualization as they relate to the Seven Radial Plasmas. (See CHC Vol. 7: Book of the Cube).
  5. Daily Synchrogalactic Yoga Practice (for easy-to-follow program, see CHC, Vol. 6: Book of Transcendence).
  6. Synchronic Code Practices: 13 Moon, daily oracles, planet and human holon synchronizations (special attention to activating your zone on the planet holon), all Telektonon practices, cube visualizations and rainbow bridge meditations (all of these practices can be found in the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, as well as other calendars such as the one produced in Spain and Mexico). Also daily reading of the Dynamics of Time postulates.
  7. Hunab Ku 21 Daily Archetype Activation: Download the playing board and layout daily fifth force oracle with crystals or stones. Also put a marker on the heptad gate and tone. This is an easy way to track different levels at once. This is the bridge between the daily 13 Moon Dreamspell oracle and the 441 cube matrix. See "How to Enter the Hunab Ku 21". Learn about the daily heptad gate that corresponds with the seven radial plasmas. It is recommended to make your own oracle to imprint the structure and archetypes. Prototype forthcoming online.
  8. 441 Cube Matrix Practices: Start by tracking the 13 moons in the 441 matrices, finding the daily telepathic frequency. Daily heptad gate, 13 Moon calendar position – then find base matrix unit – then locate same position in space, synchronic matrices, finding the daily TFI – click here for full instructions, and also see Book of the Cube, CHC Vol. 7. (Of course this can be expanded into finding and mapping several numbers (BMU's) simultaneously—but this is the basic practice to start with). Remember the Key to the 441 Matrix is Locating the Base Matrix Units of the TFI in the Holomind Perceiver: Learn the structure of the holomind perceiver, including 48 new UR Runes (six new UR strands study CHC Volumes V-VII).

Other key studies within the Cosmic History Chronicles: Locate and understand the meaning of the 6 + 1 mental spheres and how the mind works. Understand the nature of thought as analphic engravings. Solar Electromagnetic field studies – nature of the Earth in relation to the sun – self-perceptions and practices (see work of Boris Petrovic).



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