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"Those of us who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action".

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they had to change the UN Charter because James Edward "Frakkin Adama" Olmos went there and made the point that the human species is One Race, Humanity.  there ARE no actual "cylons," <metaphor for Nazi/Roman tyranny< what is real is that the Gnosis was all but lost, subjugated into history while the Adversary wrote "the Bible" -- but Bible is just a word for Book, there are many Bibles, YOU can write a bible if you feel moved by Spirit, and there are many many Bibles like Principia Discordia, the Book of the SubGenius or even The Urantia Book, written by proxies f JHVH-1 in 1934.  the winning style is aquarian, we are only gagging on smoke because the wheels of constitutional republic turn so slow, so slow...Babylon the mighty has fallen, that was Mesopotamia, or Sumer, or what we call Iraq, today, but The Adversary has done all it can to fill all the People of the Book with false righteous and nazi like allegiance to the Greek god of War, leading to "AREANISM" which is inhumane, militaristic and iniquitous, the utter hypocrisy that Yshua himself spoke against. that does it for this editon of Andrea Greenspan Lies.

It seems to me that this entire argument can be reduced to the conflict between 'time is money' and 'time is art'. I have come to call this the eternal squabble of TIM and TIA. Until TIM and TIA realize that they both share TIME, and that TIME is what they have in common, then it looks like we are doomed to be the children of a dysfunctional family.

Fortunately, it is a burstable bubble... since it is only a ghost, or perhaps a lingering after-image, it no longer has the tenacity to affect "the children"!

As more awareness is brought into the noosphere about the need for calender change the more people will unify. is here to guide us as well the 7 volumes of CHC's. Its all a foundation, its up to us to build and share the love of what second creation 4D 1320 will bring vs 3D 1260 mechanistic timing. 

Perhaps... there is only One Conspiracy: the Egos'  relentlessly deceiving masquerade as Truth. & part of that deception is the Egos' persuasion that It is true, something else isn't...

Having said that, I have obviously demon-strated what I just wrote!

Perhaps.... a more accurate response would've been...    silence...

Premise:  I did what I did because God created it (created everything), so, where does all the intermediary excuse-ology come from?  oh, yeah... ahem... God...

Collect all 7 Jokers' Cards from ICP & be as wise as me...    :-)

Witness the South African Ubuntu Party movement, fronted by the Michael Tellernich (sp) material...

Dude what the fuck are you talking about; please review the cosmic history chronicles; good luck with your own conscience; and what you think is reality.


Nobody needs saving.

No body needs saving is correct.


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