The time is now.

"Those of us who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility to take action".

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This is just a copy of what is already in the process; where are you at on the forums; do-nation.

Where is the collaboration?

hi aaron, please explain yourself better.

there's many things going on, not just do-nation. id like to collaborate anyhow. we all have to.

but we need something more than another collaborative platform. we need something that fits for everyone, something that will turn the tide: a social platform, with a political agenda, a global open currency, a spiritual agenda. i hope you understand what i mean.

ill be in touch

Explain yourself better; what is political agenda. Where is your research; I have posted several times about the transition;, law of material; calender reform and its history; you do know that jesuits, vatican, freemasons, have been playing the board for awhile with monopoly while the game of life is suffering; they destroy people and there cultures several times for hundreds of years; (reptile thinking) we have been on earth longer then what is in historical record; everything in the western world is made up lies; US culture is made up of greed; white house; vatican, world bank; all controlled by pentagon; jesuit and vatican; the wars in the east are from free fighters trying to save the human back to nature; shamanism etc. Herion, pills; etc do not create cures; just treatment for customers; all the pyramids that were destroyed by the vatican during the crusade while the stole alot of relics; from other cultures; this is fact; do remote viewing and dream recall you will know. If you look up in the sky you, what shape do you see a circle; so everyone in the same circle; everything is to share and everyone to serve each other; to much technology for weapons of destorying humanity has brought consciousnesses to a lower level; thus reason kids being born with disabilities etc. 13moon 28day changes all institutions; freemasons made up us culture schools and towns by selfish corruption of profit; while porn flirt with the root chakra of earth and keeps the people stuck in feedback loops that create negative equations; rapes, molesters, the vatican is the fore front to all of this; the protect priest the nazi government; while the higher commands are trying to wake you all up through ufo sighting crops cricles etc, why not any threats from ufos or crop circles; because higher consciousness is sending signs to wake up a new time and new earth. Imagine having a vault full of years worth of relics and gold from past civilization like its a trophy (vatican); this can be seen everything from sporting events etc; people are a product of what there culture brings, that why every countries is ready to pounce on us government; and to destroy there reign and begin of the people government (though this will be done by peaceful solution since the children and women are being bruised) of all equality (why no women rights and children rights, which are inalienable) while they create a system of illusion calling people homosexuals because of rainbows and there relationship to the human energy field chakra, ley lines; this is all outlined in the lawoftime material;; why have the panthers been fighting; the nature cultures; to get back to source of unity of flower of life, immortality. Women and children are degraded; while the male dominance treats them like whores; sluts, and not goddesses, princess, princes. Treating them like pawns. This is also reptile thinking; some are in dino mode still; just from miseducation. If the earth is to survive she will continue to purge away people until the arrival of the rainbow children. The internet is a reflection of western culture and world culture of colonization. This is Do-nation not sit around and wait for a vatican jesuit politician to call changes; what happend to henry ford hemp ethanol etc, that has a history of control through them as well; some may be asleep and not aware; though soon it will be world wide what is taking place. Thanks for your input perhaps I can take some notes.

Take care

read into all articles


(resource based ecnonmoy) not money based; remember money was created by these people; america was beautiful before the white vatican man arrived following what we tryed to leave behind; though they followed and brought rome with them; theres are reason why there cultures at sea level in the oceans; and I hear that in a couple years land will sink and more will rise due to the ley lines being disrupted from improper caring of systems.

As well sports events take the human pysche; and bring the spirit animals to destroy; all a product of rome; follow human behavior; as well disease and cancers; animal giving this since many are asleep and they are trying to wake them up; animals are scared; mayan aztec never were like christian perspective put them in; they only starting slaughtering after the Europeans vatican jesuits arrived there doctrine of disovery. Jesus and Mary are same as adam and even, which is avatar of all of us, to many lies; the same with "christ connciousness" as if christ is the ruler of the world and women are second 'the bible god made women from man ribs" control from who? the writers vatican.

Whats is to turn the tide is everyone receiving for free; 13moon calender; and all ebooks; tablets; and noosphere ethical ecological constitution, biospheric congress etc, and then to peaceful occupy these the white house and united nations until resolution is made.

Can you explain why the native american funds are missing from there department and the land that was promised to give back; we are all same; diversity of cultures, tribes etc...

This is why donation (do-nation) is important.

Thanks for your notes I will look into them and take whats need


Ministry of the Childeren

my friend, i have come to read, maybe superficially, most of what you say.

What i wrote I wrote from the heart and from the mind, and maybe the spirit helped a little.

i  think arguelles and you fellows are really onto something. This is a time of change, a time that will shape the next Ice Age on Earth.

But to achieve tranformation, we must first unite. Become an organism, walk the path together. That's why we mustn't discredit the culture we all come from. It's not about the reptilians or the's not all the christians or the freemasons fault. We are talking of our common fathers, since we're all one family.

In order to speak the truth, we must choose the right words. We must understand and love our fellow human condition and build a project that speaks to all of us.

Most importantly, we have to do it now, and fast enough for the wave to build so high it cannot be stopped. There's no good and evil in the world, in life. There's no 'higher' consciousness. There's only the next step to take, together. stop and think, my friend:

The spirit has to come down from the Heavens and mingle with life, that is necessity, personal will. We won't change untile we think there's the good ones and the bad ones on earth, and we are the good. That's simply stupid, that's not realizing the complexity within each one of us.

I will read the forums you suggest. I hope we will work together, aaron.

have a good day

What are you taling about reptiles or ufo; I am talking about the way people think; and then you put forth something like its not this culture fault or this type of thinking; though all reserach point this this. Know your history; know your destiny! This is foolish talk; I assume you do not know your history.

I wish all the best for you.

There is no way to "affect the world" except to affect "yourself".... "you" are the "world" "you" rail against!

This world is all that one can puff up surrounding their spinal frame...

Where it limits, crusting: shatter with intending force of gesture!

Inhale the energy released...

...deflate original "meaning" by redeploying it to alternative behavior...


...exhale, a new body arises...

I like to inhale some nice cannabis with some dream time in between; and to feed my liver psychedelic and raw light food and the sun as well, hmmm, perhaps you need to sit down and think about your world cultures, and where things points; my ego self say that you have little clue whats going on. The world will not turn until these cultures christian and Catholicism are in the past; for the poison the very frame works of vision; while you unconsciously assume what you are talking about. Remember we have kings and queens; sad I log on to enjoy positive feed back just to get more doubt about humanity and children in general. I not sure how long this platform will be online since couple people seem to collaborate. All I hear and see you babylon talk; and this reminds me of another reason people destory civilizations with war; though we are trying to do it with shamanic way of being. Think outside the box.

man i agree with you. im sorry if what i wrote sounded paternalistic.

i agree with you analysis, we ARE being manipulated to doom by our own culkture, and its kings and queens. and i think there is a blood issue which was distorted and held secret. But I'm saying you gotta love babylon lo save babylon my man, you cannot just sit dreaming. the future is not only yours and you know that. now please relax, i was talking strategy, we can't talk to the world with those reptilian vague sentences man, nobody will take it serioously and that's exactly what's been preventing change up to now.

I dont know what your saying sorry as well

I live law of one; connecting; (organ)ization for every part to the whole); cosmic history sciences


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