I also have eternal gratitude.

allow me to download what I've worked out, and perhaps you'll be a friend, and show up and contribute to our enlightened FB alternative...


wrote, lucid, before espresso

Think for yourself.  To say "only love is real" is to deny the reality of many other things.  I've been a buddhist my entire life.  If only love, rather than suffering, atrocity, lies...if what SS said were the True-Truth than Buddha's goal of a world without suffering would already be. 

All the same, I harmonize and resonate

with Stephanie's intention in

manifesting those heart-centered notions...


and her fuel for soul-survival into this new age of Aquarius is far more real than the intimidating form of mere money that is foolishly followed by so many unawakened, unenlightened Earth citizens right now.   

So many rich bastards are quick to claim entitlement to existance in the New Age...but I don't think that they possess the Will to make changes.

As Aquarius matures, we'll see utopian, paradisial changes. 

But they will be enabled because many people who manifest more Denial than anything else will have died.  

Everything Is Entangled On Quantum Levels

Disaster Management Is Too White, Official Tells Congress

More diversity is needed to reverse long-standing inequities in disaster response policies

The Harvest

They won't BE here to serve as deviant barriers to the ascension of third density and the lovely, blossoming Gaian harmony to be. 

 For years, channelers have pointed out the Harvest/Ascension paradigm.   We're "in it," here at this research and socializing node, and many people straddle the line.

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