Time is Heart! means for me that we should follow the rythms of our Father MilkyWay, Mother Earth, Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Of course that we have many cousins planets and star systems but let's make the life easier :).
So my perspective is when we allow ourselves to be guided by the milky way, earth, sun and moon, then our Heart will be balanced and we will start to acept all the daily messages that the universe is sending to us.

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Time is Art; Art is Time; Without time or art then the art of time; is not possible.

Hi Aaron, Time and Art are like an infinitely streaming river of endless possibilities. It is up to us to jump in or not, either way, the Art of Time is happening all the way independently of our point of view in our moment of life. What you could consider about art of time not being possible, it could be seen as an art of time possibility from the other polarity of life. In the same way that you have a right arm and left arm, all connected by the pulse of your Heart! the Art of Time is also connecting all the polarities by the pulse of our Vibrations emaned from the cosmic space. So, enjoy your current ride of Life of endless possibilities:)

I really do not think you got the message what I was trying to put out, instead you mirror what I wrote just in another symbolic form. I am happy to being leave GSB soon; for no networking or collective conscience. Good luck with your calendar reform.

Hi Aaron, all our answers are mirrors of our own soul:). I read on your profile that you are 27 years old (I'm forty two:)). So I would like to share with this Ancient Mayan wisdom about Human Life Path
0-13 years old - The seed of life, or the Attention to one event of life. In case of Steve Jobs was having a Summer job at HP where he met Wozniak at his 13 years old
13-26 years old - The tree of life, or the Intention of one event of life. In case of Steve Jobs was the release of Apple Macintosh at his 26 years old
26-39 years old - The flower of life, or the Integrity of one event of life. In case of Steve Jobs was the release of the Toy Story movie at his 39 years old. If you are leaving the GSB with 27 years old you are entering in this third phase of life, which is usually the Golden phase. But all is connect to something that you gave a deepest Attention on your childhood.
39-52 years old - The fruit of life, or the Intuition of one event of life. In case of Steve Jobs was the release of the iPhone at his 52 years old.

So, have a Great Ride in your Mayan third phase of life and be sure that the solution it will be always Love! the Love that comes fr your Soul!

(there is a cosmic mathematical formula tied to our body that the Ancient Mayan knew, so please, be kind of not considering my answers as bullocks:))

Hello thought I might chime in.... Time is Art...I agree...The Mayans and Toltecs..used time and the natural laws of time to understand cycles and predict things far into the furture and map the past....mirroring the stars with their TEMPLES .....Hemispheres of Mind...They could then see the cycles of time reduce it thru sacred geometry and math into daily cycles that can help us all even now....I am 42 as well my Suns birthday is Jan. 24th so is Jose'....As for applying predictions to our life in the here and now.....This is an example from my disc-ussion I just started (but has'nt been accepted yet...)

Hello Dear ones...just wanted to express a thought that came flying by and I managed to reach up and grab. This is my perspective from either inside or outside the cube...maybe both...just posting for self reflection maybe..Enjoy the thought

I am one of the 8th tone Red Galactic Skywalkers...13 Prophet Bringer of Lost worlds and Time

My Suns birthday is shared with Jose' A. My wife 108 and Me 220 My Daughter 520(Toltec Zenith date) We are sound in Physical form, light in Celestial form. Sound effects and shapes water...The 5 in my family create a hexagon with 108(wife-Bday) degree angles...4x108=432hz ....2x220=440hz.... 8hz phase hum/shift.... 

Monday-Moon 1 Day 14...Half Moon.... 8/8/2016 ...8+8=16 ...two 8 tone hemispheres of the brain rise together ... atlantis/lemuria....AT'UL....Kin 232...2 hemispheres triune with 2 hemispheres....One Yellow Spectral Human guided by Itself into man-i-fest-at-ion...Mayan Oracle manifest...Through harmonic of 58 cubed...4x58har is 232kin.... The One Dot Primal Kundalini Energy of Red Dragon Manifest thru White World Bridger(my sun and his great grandmother...4 generations) then transfiguration thru the Blue Night (me this year) and onward into Yellow Human form

Tues. is then 233...Red Crystal Skywalker ....This returns the Galactic Traveler to crystalline form to manifest the words of the great scribes of time thru the insertion into Akashics of the Sacred Heart of the Land of Ka'nan , My daughter a red dragon, Ruby(red crystal) the Philosophers Stone. This is guided by the ascending red dragon now serpent initiate on 233. Within the insert of the sacred heart is the 21st seal of the Mayan/Toltec Archetype AT'UL Toltec Chief LU'TA Mayan Chieftess...Atlantis Lemuria....Chief Ka'nan of the LeeTribe... Votan descendant of the 7 nations....The 7 scrolls of Silverman 925 are also contained within. These contain a prayer of repentance to the natives and a request that the Trail of Tears be erased from the Akashic Records changing the hear and now....based on generations of observance and calculations. This AT'UL has observed and Shares thru the hands of the Scribe Chief Ka'nan

My accumulative thoughts on this are that in 13:20 the pages of the living book fold inward at the 10 white Dog.... As of this past Hunab Ku the 21st seal was inserted raising the chin of the Dragon to look towards initiation breaking the cycle of St. George slaying the Dragon. This allows the Red Spectrum(Red Skins) of the rainbow to raise their ARC by folding the Book outward on the 13 Phrophet...This creates a new bridge to the living book between 10-13 allowing all the accumulative days out of time to be added to the pages now extended to 13:26 folding on 13. This comes thru the knowledge of the Golden Mean Ratio of 13:21 the Spiral of life Hunab Ku. The black sheep inherit the Golden fleece and are given golden horns of plenty as the Ram.

This new angle on the ARC shifts creating another rainbow and sweeps the planet as another of many NoOspheres...Mound Building.....Multi-Dimensional Existence....and Non-existence

Just thoughts I have found within myself and my story...for anyone who is'nt on the otherside already and laughing at my ridiculous efforts to understand this whole strange game of life....


Your thoughts are most Welcome Chief Kanan Clear Feather! I felt the vibration of your thoughts. Like the Native Chiefs didn't understood why Gods sent the Europeans to destroy the balance of the Nature of the American continent, maybe your thoughs may not be understood by all, specially from people living in other polarities. In spite of the Mayan and Aztecs knew from the prophecies that the dark ages were coming from the Winds of Europe, they had to humble accepted that according to the cosmic laws the Light will emerge from the darkeness. Time for the Union of Polarities is needed and that is only possible by Love...

Remember the Human has the same codes; though everyone has a different set of tones and codes the make up there being. If  I shared every numberlogical connection to my daily life (codes) then many people would get confused with there own self oracle of remembrance to the divine; thus why I do not share these connection for they are my own self oracle for remembrance of the creator, when I first found the law of time and GSB people would post similar numerlogical connection of there own self oracle and I found it really annoying for people to evolve from for there numbers and codes are different from the person trying to project there own projection of there being in the synchronotron 441 matrix. There is not a collective date base of people on GSB, The more I see posts like this and the more I read non-sense related to the law of one or natural law; the more my Jaguar are calling back to the Jungle so I can learn from a new birth and be taught by the spirit of the animal, for I am one with my creators.

I find the human the lowest being on the spectrum of intelligence; and cosmos can prove this especially galactic civilizations that are not humanoids; in the sense of superhomonosphericus.

My last entry in GSB was in 2013:), but should I complain GSB or law of time for not giving me all the answers of Holy Grail of Life? Please use the GSB or my answers or a book that you are just reading only as a possible directional sign for your own path! You are your own Master! Better them humanoids or automatas, we are like Avatars:). So don't consider we as human as low ranking intelligence because our channels to higher intelligence galactic beings are widely openning:). In fact that false sense of separation vertically towards the Gods and horizontally towards our human fellows and natural beings is a cause of deep suffering in ourselves that it is rippled in all our humankind...Love bless all sides!

My mediated perspective I find in the reflection is that you are both right and humbling me and uplifting me...this creates a great resistence for quantum leap in thoughts for me... Aaron I agree and apologize for spewing my personal observances of my own path...These things can definitely cloud things for others and still do for me as well...so I appreciate the reminder... Please know my only intention would be to have a few others carry me in their thoughts on that day so I can focus on the idea that others on focusing on me...This would draw energy from enough multiple sources within myself to help me in the manifestation of a home and shelter and food for my family... I have tried to assimilate to this monetary system and was caused severe physical distress perceived as seizures.... My family has helped me heal...my wife brought the law of time and has been helping me find conciousness again... Litterally spoon feeding her 38yr old husband back to reality every day....I have been healed thru Hollis-Tic methods and the Law of Time .... I need to support my family as they have done for me....I come with equal exchange of info in hopes of global change that includes my Family, Friends and ALL Relations.....The numbers and all the excess you are very right...these are mine....I could have simply asked....Would my friends and rainbow bridgers please focus a few of your thoughts on my family on Monday in hopes we find a means of sustainable INCOME-ing energy...This I humble request of any and all would be willing to join me...Many thanks to All who come to read my these words...Blessed be to all on their in-divide-dual-ity journeys.  

Dear Chief, Desperation is a duality in itself, but common to all of us. Desperation is a manifestation of stress, and stress is like a steam cooker ready to be burst:). So in our duality world we have two options, allow the burst, as Bonanza will come after the Storm, or reduce the flame of our ego and allow the universe to help us...No matter the choice it will be always a valid path...

Very well said friend. I do find a cycle that I repeat thinking the more steam the bigger the dream...I know better...My desperation is sustained by self doubt...Awareness is the first step...Maintaining awareness another never ending step....Thanks again


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