“Good thing we had a revolution in America!  Otherwise, we’d all be speaking English now!”

--Pastor Maxwell, SubGenius, K. S. C.

I know the truth, 

you are beautiful

they told you that your origin was reptilian

a lie they told.

your origins are starlight...

dedicated to
spiritual love
the feelers, the sufferers, the anguished and hopeful
who won't let go of the vision...

clear light,

star light. big bang light. light of love

before love knew our names.  before

we knew we were love, when all was dream


before we solidified.    light, that light.


not Lucifer to blind us with Ill Loomin' Nation

Divine Light, 

first light!




from that cosmic Love that was first Made,

that thing that later, in hindsight, would call itself Tantra

kinda like the original Tantrum

(heh heh)




Divine scream echoing forever,



and a fight where a Devil arrogant is cast down,

destroyed!  its' chance of ruling anything,

smashed into religion and myth and 

isolated temporary (maybe aeons but peanuts to forever) problem,





star seeds, 

flowering crysanthemum of hope and that Love from earlier in the poem,



Zen mind

Beginner's mind,

Creator's mind,

Our mind,

your mind,

my mind,

THE mind.






Tao has cast off no fragments.

there's nothing but tao. if it's not earth, it's heaven,

and people between,

it's NOT the way of the world.




time passes

evolution happens

arms to hold him with,

legs to wrap around her,

the gods made love and shared it with us,












found a map

walk the sky

do the monkey






get crucified

burn at the stake,

decapitated for honesty

say you're sorry!



world of dirt and lugs. world of trash and misery and feces.

world of addiction, misery, self destruction

and what sentient being WOULDN'T want

to forget




Sokrates doesn't want to be ripped apart by beasts or raped by grinning horned Pans.

"Who am I, Odysseus?  Ajax? Achilles? You were never my friend.  You'll get yours."




eyes burn,

lips swell,  ugh, thirst!  come, Death...


I die

You died

In your past life

you died

(it hurt a lot)



Hell Veterans





time passes.   The Buddha decides it's time for a new look.  Maybe a "bob."

Haircut -



life times go by.

candles dwindle.



the world changes, perceptibly.


liars seem less cool.


the sun and moon dance.


it's the day after yesterday.

what will you do?



By White Spectral Worldbridger,

Mal to the Fighting Discordians


revised 1.22.2020

The Multiverse Is Wise And Loving

-Malaclypse, Elder of Eris Discordia

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