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The one question I always asked as a child from the age of 6 years old was, "What if I was psychic? And what if I knew that the world would end tomorrow?"

"Well, I would try to tell as many people as I could," I told myself then, "So that we could find a way to come together and find a new place of our own creation." 

Little did I know then that indeed, I was psychic. We are all psychic, given that we are born human it is our birthright.  

And 'tomorrow' really was the end of the world as we thought we knew it.  In the years ahead, History would accelerate up to the closing of the cycle.  And as we prepare now in these 7 mystic moons for the time that is ahead, I stand with the book of the Law of Time in one hand and the galactic compass/Sirian wheel in the other. The voice of my 6 year old self is loud inside of me now and speaks out, "Tell as many people as you can. Come together and Heal the World." This world is our place of new creation. Together we will consciously come together and activate our Earth Ship called home. 

I humbly bow and give thanks to our Star Family for making this information known to us all.   

Ava Marie Adams: Kin 253

How many prophets are there to come or are here??? I Come from a bible background and prophets no matter what belief system is a useful tool??





Yo soy el Profeta

Codificado por el Caminante del Cielo Rojo

El trece es mi número

La onda encantada de la creación

Muchos tiempos y muchos mundos he conocido

Porque soy el agente del tiempo universal

Que explora el espacio en vigilia permanente

Soy el colonizador de los mundos perdidos

El navegante galáctico del tiempo

El ojo de la quinta fuerza que todo lo ve

Unge mi frente

En mi mano derecha sostengo el libro de

La Ley del Tiempo

Un regalo de la familia estelar

En mi mano izquierda sostengo la brújula galáctica/la rueda

de Sirio

El compendio del camino profético

La Profecía es ley natural, una función del tiempo

Mi camisa lleva los dos números sagrados 13 y 20

Cruzando las barreras del tiempo y el espacio

Estoy coronado por el signo de los ciclos infinitos del tiempo

Conocerme es conocer la profecía del tiempo

Dentro de la promesa del próximo amanecer

This is just great. "I am crowned by the signs of the infinite cycles of time."

It's funny to me that Ava would mention such complex thoughts at such a young age. I too, would think of complex ideas at a very young age. I remember very clearly throughout my entire adolescence asking, "What is language? How did it get here? What makes a cat a cat?" I would also ask questions like, "How did the first man know to speak to the second man? How did the second man know what he was saying?" No answer was good enough, I had to keep digging deeper.

I also remember being so worn down by the hustle of modern life, I remember constantly feeling so nostalgic for a time that once was, with no technologies or cars. But, how did I even know those things existed outside of my small scope of experiences? I mean I was under the age of 10.

It's nice to travel back and see now that I was asking all the right questions at such a young age. We are who we are we cannot change that, we can only embrace it <3


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