Before making any comments on this topic, I would like a thorough explanation of what is meant by "Time is Money"... I have some ideas, but want some concrete examples before discussing this further.

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When you work your buying time; for what? to eat; to live etc, animals are free; everything is simple and abundant; its just organizing to do so. Eventually we will live in a resource based economy; if you know the work of the law of time; you know this already if not I can guide you.

Actually we are all works of art; we are creation; to create; not to destroy unless its not in a good equation. Once everyone is aware of the solar ring; then our work will be of art and not time.

A resource-based economy? You mean barter? If you could guide me, I would appreciate it.

My good friends study the cosmic history chronicles and watch and visit the website venusproject; search youtube; "resource based economy" meaning everything is abundant; and provided to everyone free of charge; though it will be a work in progress to get everyone on the same page; at the point we live in Vatican medieval thinking ego; as they also control the banks and select groups especially the jesuit; basically in my opinion Christianity and Catholicism  represent death (cross sword, as this pattern is dominated by freemasons, marine core anything that use swords; physical and mentally; though no guard is needed in New (now) Earth) The ankh and medicine wheel is about life and "very beautiful symbol" when the 13moon 28day calender is the worlds guiding principal much will change as we see it; especially cities; medicines; social entertainments. Look into the ethical ecological constitution "google search"; at this point we are looking at the crimes of the vatican; doctrine of discovery; as well patriot act etc this all points to the fall and assets to be frozen; banks; ancient relics; egypt; mayan etc. All of those groups are illegal; and not based on natural law. There game of monopoly is coming to the end; and the game of life will begin. You can find Jose book in pdf format just type the book name then pdf as well read the history of calender reform of the and watch the videos on youtube.

I believe the term was coined by Benjamin Franklin, and in his case it meant that you should organize your time efficiently so as to maximize income in relation to the amount of time you allocated for work. This helped to create the archetypal "work ethic" that was so highly prized (and still is) by the rugged individualist mind set.

I see.Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrantshows us how to have time AND money. And how to have money without using any of your time.


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