Hi everyone!

Because Rainer Solar Storm fron PAN-Germany recently died, his wife Monika Resonant Hand is making the German calendar for the coming 8 Seed year. She's learning how the computer works and also with Rainer's spirit behind her making the calendar. But she needs some help - someone to check  if all the codes are right and also help with the texts. It would help if you speak German.

I'm thinking of Rob Spectral Eagle from Switzerland - he might be able to help. Does anyone know where to find him? Email address or telephone number?


In Lak'ech,

Marjon~205 from PAN-Holland

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Hi! i just finished a synchronometer in Argentina, i cant help you with german language but i can send you images if you need any or anything else you think would be helpful just let me know!

Thank you Navegador Galactico - i just saw the message, little late... but Rob Spectral Eagle came to the rescue and all is fine :-) Cannot get hold of Monika, but i'm sure the German calendars will be printed by now :-)

PAN Germany meeting is at Day Out Of Time - when I'm there, I'll bring this up to point.

Greetings to PAN-Holland :)

Wiktor 132 Yellow Lunar Human

Thank you Wiktor! As i hoped, Rob Spectral Eagle came to the rescue and i'm sure they will be printed by now :-)

Well, as it turned out, Monika from PAN-Germany figured it out herself, no help, and got them printed in time as well, so we're very proud of her :-) Thank you  Navegador Galactico and Wiktor Witas for answering to my call- kin-credits coming your way... :-)

Wiktor, did you finally meet Monika on the Day Out Of Time?

Sorry i always forget to check galactic spacebook...

In Lak'ech,


Ok... I also forget often to check my discussions on Galactic Spacebook.  
At the time of the Day out of Time I had exams and were also in life exams - that´s why I wasn´t there - what a pitty :( 

But finally, who was at the PAN-Germany meeting and tell us please, how was it? 

Wiktor - yellowlunarhuman :| :) :(  :D

That's okay - Monika managed to do it herself, with a little help from Rainer (at the other side of the veil). Sorry, don't remember what happened there on the DOoT.

And, Wictor did you pass your exams?

Thank you - I feel happy to hear that you ask for this. 

The exams in school passed very well. But the other exams were like something that made me totally unconscious in the last past 2 years during those exams. I thought that everything was against me and couldn´t feel, .It goes its way like this  and after this expereience I feel much more filled with everything.

But at this point I can recommend a very great book - it´s name is: 

"Das Geheimnis der Schamanen" (The Secret of Shamanism) - It have many answers, that helped me - anyway - Wish you all good and a happy new 2015


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