Throughout my spiritual journey, I have used various psychedelic substances in conjunction with meditation to induce higher states of consciousness.

I've found that they have been a catalyst for profound internal & external change in the way I view the universe and my actions toward all life.

These states of consciousness have lead me to experience and see the importance of egolessness, sacred geometry, trance channeling, retrieving akashic record knowledge, death, Reiki and more. Eventually, my journey led me to discover the wonderful law of time and 13:20 synchronicity.

The visions of symbols & other dimensional entities along with the overwhelming sense of bliss induced by these chemicals (mainly psilocybin, lsd, dmt) is something I am very grateful to have experienced. I feel like they have been an ally in my search for meaning / existence beyond our physical perception of reality.

I would like to hear what others have to say on this topic. I realize drugs are not needed to achieve these mindsets and that mediation alone would work, however I do not find it nearly as easy to slip into altered states without the use of these wonderful tools.

In Lak'ech

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I was introduced to the Dreamspell at about the same time I was introduced to mushrooms. The two appear to be entirely complementary and quite honestly I don't think I would have understood a fraction of the Dreamspell codes without the removal of some of my habitual habits of thought by the benevolent plant teachers who were kind enough to guide me through the labyrinth.

It is a huge shame that plant teachers have been deemed illegal and largely misunderstood by most of the world (and I include those who use them frivolously as being in the misunderstanding camp) but that is the way things are for now.

Please accept my friend request.  I'd love to discuss some of this with you.  Thanks, Faith

I'm not sure I received a friend request from you, but I would be happy to discuss this topic at any time.

Hi Paul,  I actually meant this friend request for Daniel discuss his posting personally.  However, your friendship would also be nice.  I read your postings frequently.  ;)

well, since you asked...

The first thing - the only thing - that I would ever reccommend is to seek with all your effort to establish a close relationship with one's own inner knowing or guidance.  Everyone has it. Nearly everything in our society is deliberately designed to lead you away from it. Entheogens fall into a middle category. They may be part of your guidance or part of the noise. Completely subjective. No way to make any further meaningful distinctions.

(and I love your goggles)


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