Hello all! I find myself more and more emotional every day...for the first time ever last Saturday I had what has been described to me as a panic attack, which kept resurfacing for several hours. It was an unsettling, scary experience. I have read in Nicolya Christie's blog that this is part of the awakening of myself to the vibrations I need to be aware of in my 'coming to the light'(my words).  I have been feeling like this for many months... the 'panic attack' was something unexpected...Has anyone else felt this way? When this occurs, is there a prayer, or other form of recognition that I should be doing(saying)?  I will confess here, to all of my fellow light-workers, that as eager as I am to go forward, the thought of actually making actual conscious contact  scares me silly! I know I am surrounded by my guides, and they wish me only love, not harm, but when moments like these arise, I believe I am my own worst enemy!  I close up, and generate my fear and negativity like a lighthouse beacon...Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas ? Thank you for being here, like me, in search of our path to transformation. Namaste!

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Hello Juliann!

I have been very emotional lately as well, and you're right, the fear and negativity is a blockage that comes from within! I've grown up with judgmental beliefs, only to have them constantly resurface and battle at my crossing the Great Stream. It gets so much better on the other side, though. My friend Sam is the same Kin as you, which isn't too different from mine (Electric Warrior), and when she and I were in acting class together she sensed within my gaze a deep, deep sadness. Only recently have I been allowing these great emotions to surface, and at the most seemingly whimsical of times! I cried for several minutes after discovering an injured baby bird the housecat had been playing with yesterday. If you have qualms or fears about letting go of the past, I urge you to use your knowledge and memory of the past to guide you in the correct way to go. I've been following my intuition a lot more, and it leads me to exactly where I need to be at the right moment! Don't be afraid of what other people think; you are a light to the world, and it is your opinion of yourself that truly matters!

Much love and light to you,

Paul M. Kin 16

Well said Paul

Thank you

The only thing I can add is that those emotional issues are coming up because when you were dealing with the issue in the past you weren't ready to let go. Some sort of event stimulated a series of negative emotional cycles. It seems like now is the time for you to go back into that cycle and resolve the dissonance. Its only happening because now you have the necessary tools to do it. Just stay aware of your thoughts and then you can catch yourself in the cycles.

Good day Juliann, Good day All,

I feel like sharing my experience as well...it might help* I have been very sensitive & emotional in the last couple of weeks as well..getting tachicardia & anxiety causing insomnia at times..past relevant issues arise & I risk to compromise the 'here & now' during those moments. I do believe as well that is part of an awakening process, plus an inevitable step when we still need to close circles...accept...release...cleanse, in order to step forward towards the Light* This year I have been doing major changes, after getting a severe trauma..decided to work with massage & reiki...since I got my reiki attunement my whole being underwent a major positive transformation allowing me to improve my vision of this 'illusive' reality...I do my uttermost to deal with the fragile moments by meditating..immerging in nature...doing reiki self treatments or talking to Angels. All of this helps me incredibly...besides I think these last 10 galactic portals (and the other recent 10) might increase our emotions remarkably...therefore I focus on trusting the Lovely Universe for the positive outcome of it all. Choosing the Light Path, as you all know, is a great gift and a great challenge as well...as we follow our heart & awake to our memory the Divine unfolds & guides us*Send you unconditional Love & Light* Inlak'ech...Ivana

if you think of your mind like a computer system....stop SPEAKING from PLANET WORRY..or SPENDING TIME on PLANET HATE......just "THINK" from the center of your SUNSHINE and TELL THE REST of the PLANETS IN YOUR MIND HOW TO FEEL....then spread that outward! to the rest of your body!

I've gotten to the point where I send the feelings OUT WARD....and RECEIVING THEM BACK "AMPLIFIED"....but it's your job...to control those feelings from your planetary destroyers (in your mind).

I think of the mind as A COPY OF OUR UNIVERSE......the more we think from our ABSOLUTE CENTER (tricky if your stuck on planet HELP ME)....the more you FEEL THE UNIVERSES ENERGIES FLOW THROUGH YOU...TO GIVE guidance...TO GIVE healing...but holding ON to that feeling means....NOT HANGING OUT on planet "I DON'T BELIEVE" or "Planet FEAR" or "planet UNKNOWING"......

hang out in your own center and SEARCH THE UNIVERSE for "WHAT YOU NEED".....it comes "WITHOUT THINKING" (with practice)....but you can "FEEL" which "PLANET IN YOUR BRAIN" each feeling is coming from....you just need to "MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE"


Here is an astrology forcast that pretty much explains it. This guy is funny too :)

Hello Juliann, I know well what you mean. Maybe I can help you, because I have the same thing since 2 years right now. After this all I show you my story. I really hope that I can help you. What I have to know is, if you hear your voice or another in your mind. When not, then this is something what we call a "Walk-In". This is like a mission that you took before you reincarnated on this Planet Earth. Is the panic attack resulted by stress thoughts? Namaste!

Try eating something, or having a nice cup of tea, go for a walk until the symptoms subside. Make sure you check with a health professional to make sure there isn't a physical reason for the attacks.

Nothing that isn't physical can hurt you.

Hi! juliann!  Isaw what you posted and wanted to share...  I had this experience once...  I had just gotten super serious, vegan diet, kundalini yoga, and full days of study and meditation.  At the end of that, I broke through...  but how I did it, I came to a point were I seriously pondered that this was all a dream!   I went nutz and lost it...  but there was a special warrior in my life at the time that had inspired me....  I thought to myself, " The warrior questions and is fearless! Just be myself, and stop worrying about telling anyone why or how... stop explaining yourself! If this dream ends and you wake up to another one that It would not change anything but the circumstance of my perception. "  This was quite a revalation to me, and as soon as I dropped my fear, It was like a bubble popped!  I went full holographic!  I could see this matrix all around me and everyone was there in my awareness.  time and distance was not a factor.  So I would make a suggestion to be you in all the glory of your multidimensional self! Listen to the warrioir in you and just be you, it's ok whatever else is out there. It is all enhance by the feature of the universe that is your expression!


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