On p.11 of the 13 moon almanac it says "every year you are one of the four solar seals of your earth family (page 20 [mistake]) and one of the thirteen galactic tones."

But the earth families are on page 18 unless I am mistaken. And presumably I look up my earth family simply by knowing the seal of my galactic signature (birthdate)?

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Hi Terrence!

Yes it is a mistake... the page number. And yes, you would know your earth family by knowing your seal. I can see you are a Star so you are in the Signal Family so you will have Night, Star, Skywalker or Mirror years. I'm sure you know this already but you know what year you are in by looking at your last birthday and that is what year you are in! So if your birthday was today, you would be in your Planetary Skywalker year and next year you would be in a Spectral Mirror year.

Forgive me if you already know that!


I dont know much about years in the Law of Time at all. Everything you said was above me. I know all 13 moons by heart. I know the 7 radial plasmas. 

I dont know the 20 solar seals and I am completely in the dark about the years. 

I suppose there might be 52 different total years because 365 times 260 = 52 years and there is no repetition of kin and 13-moon day over 52 years. But any info/references on this are appreciated.

ok! Give me half an hour and I shall explain best i can ;-)

well it takes a while for it all to sink in...I know how you feel! 

So... you know how each day has a seal and a tone? Today is planetary skywalker... we can feel the energy of today as a planetary skywalker day. Anyone who had a birthday today would have the energy of planetary skywalker for that year until their next birthday. I suppose you could compare it to numerology, you are in a 5 year or a 6 year etc

You can check what year you are in by looking at your almanac and finding your birthday OR looking at the Law of Time website


and entering in your birthday ie if you were born 1st of October 1970 then you would enter October - 1 - 2013 (your last birthday) and it will tell you what year you are in. You will go into a different year , a different energy, on your next birthday. 

As you are in the Signal Family, you only ever have either a Star, Skywalker, Night or Mirror years. It always follows the red, white, blue, yellow sequence... so if you are in a skywalker year , you know the following will be a mirror year. 

Hope that's clear!

Regarding "you know how each day has a seal and a tone" - I see an odd contradiction. If today is planetary skywalker, then if we break down "planetary skywalker", we know that planetary is a tone... so the tone precedes the seal when you speak it. Actually, now that I think about it, in the Tzolkin, the tone actually is first. We move from left to right to select a particular tone, then we go vertically down 20 seals... and that is why it is called "13:20" not "20:13" ... ok , so I would word your statement as "each day has a tone and seal" to preserve the order of how it is spoken and how we move through the Tzolkin.

My year is "Year of the Blue Lunar Storm " ... Lunar is Tone 2. I guess storm is a seal? At any rate "storm" is not one of "Star, Skywalker, Night or Mirror "

I was born May 11, 1969 and the screenshot my decode is here:

the Blue Lunar Storm year was a Blue Lunar Storm year for everyone. We are currently in a Yellow Galactic Seed year but everyone is going through their own personal years also. You were born a yellow overtone star and you were a yellow overtone star until your 1st birthday when you became a Red Rhythmic Skywalker. 

So, on your birthday in 2013 you became Yellow Planetary Star and we are all in a Galactic Seed Year.

The years that we all experience together as a whole like this year Galactic Seed are the seals from the Gateway Family - Seed, Moon, Wizard and Storm. You will see this on page 278 of your almanac

I love that you are explaining all this in detail, Paula. It's interesting to see how others are learning the Law of Time, and all of us have our own ways of seeing things!

This year I am a Magnetic Warrior, and I was born an Electric Warrior. So do you keep your original galactic signature as your birth energy, and then you evolve through your families? I'm still a bit confused about this. :/

Sorry Paul! Wasn't well...nice to meet a fellow Warrior!

We sure do have our own ways of seeing things...

You are an Electric Warrior and always will be but the energy of each year will have a different energy to it... say if you are in a Dragon year you may be birthing lots of new projects or ideas for example.

So, is your birthday the 14th of May? We are in the Cardinal Family and if you are a Magnetic Warrior on your birthday, then on your next birthday you will be a Lunar Dragon.... then the next year an Electric Worldbridger etc etc! But you are always an Electric Warrior no matter what...

Hope this helps...


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