Each moon is a color-day matrix because each day can be uniquely described by the week's color and the day's name

Interesting how we say today is, for example, Dali 22.

But why use numbers at all? Why cant Dali 22 be named Yellow Dali?

There are 4 Dali in a month and they each have a unique color: red, white, blue, and yellow.

So tomorrow could be called Yellow Seli instead of Seli 23.

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Hello, Terrence!

The system you propose for naming the days of the week by week color makes a lot of sense! It might be confusing considering these four colors are the same colors within the day glyphs themselves, but that could be easily cleared up. I like your idea. 

I agree! It's a creative idea! Give it a go Terrance! :)  Happy Yellow Silio Blue Solar Monkey day ;) This could be an interesting experiment to more consciously experience the synchronicities within the color patterns. Of course each plasma has its own color too, such as Silio, which is white. So today you have an interesting blend of colors happening ...  Yellow + White + Blue... looks like a soft green to me! :)

well, as number has form and unity and is the equation of life, and synchronises with everything that exists.. it also connectes into the numerology and peoples personal numbers of day, and time with synchronisation...personally I think that everything has a unique reason to it, so.. if it were supposed to be like that, im sure it would have been covered..the number is discipline, and form  ? .. my opinion at this time ;) bless

I really like your answer ... that's how I interpret the natural order ...:)

ps..also I am new at this, and I adore number, so number makes sense to me and tells a story in itself..:)


There are ratios and harmonic resonances built into the 28 day moon that are more easily understood as numerical relationships. The colours are there too, but added to the 28 day template rather than the other way round.

The 13 twenty-eight day moons are the foundation upon which all of the other patterns are built, including the 260 day Tzolkin.

The radial plasmas; Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi, Silio, are names for the days of the week, to replace Monday, Tuesday etc.

I have a simple 28 day template that I use as my day timer, to record appointments and so on, it is synchronized with the Gregorian calendar and has no colours at all, it is in black and white. Because every moon is identical it enables me to track the measure of days very easily. I've been using this for almost twenty years.

When people are first introduced to the synchronometer it tends to stimulate a rush of creative thinking, but I would encourage you to follow the already established structure, as you will then find that you are stepping on a very big, very powerful wave of consciousness that is just beginning to build.

When people are first introduced to the synchronometer it tends to stimulate a rush of creative thinking, but I would encourage you to follow the already established structure, as you will then find that you are stepping on a very big, very powerful wave of consciousness that is just beginning to build.

Interesting, the line between personal inspiration and self-directed creativity and "toeing the line" to align with group mentality. There is power in both. I suppose the Mayan elders used to say the same thing to Arguelles when he "deviated" from their "correct" calendar?

It's like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you have your balance you can ride where ever you like. But until you understand and embody the basics, it is best to learn from those who know how to ride.

It's not a matter of toeing the line, it's just a matter of not having to recreate the wheel. Some of the ground work has been done so as to make it easier for those who come later. This includes the Mayan elders, they did their part, and on whose shoulders Arguelles stood.

I like the numbers too---but add even another color to de Mixa...being a Polar Kin eye tend to "Sound De Chromatics" whenever mi eye gets de chance. Being that Dali is Crown Chakra--I add Violet--and dress in Violet. Seli--Root-Red...Gamma--Third Eye--Indigo (On this day--being that Indigo and Violet are both in the Purple realm...I have challenged myself to "Be the Vision"-Connecting to the Power of the Third Eye--and I embody my InnerGalactic Artista' with my clothes/skin. Kali-Sacral-Orange, Alpha-Throat-Blue, Limi-Solar Plexus-Yellow...and Silio-Heart-Green. I find it really taps me into the "Rainbowness" of the Rainbow Bridge Meditation--I FEEL the radialness of Time, and whenever i need to 'compassportal' /reflect on de past...I see myself in a Color of the Rainbow and can remember what day of the week it was. Being that i hold no 12:60 job--i tend to go "timeless" often--so when connecting 12:60 and 13:20 this is sometimes helpful.    Really Love Bathing mi Skin in de Rainbow as de Heptad sings Its song though :)   Love'n'Lak'ech


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