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the thing about grids is, 

well, there was a fake 3 d chess in the original Star Trek where

there were boards going, you've probably seen it.  so 

at least 4d and then, well...

to me the dreamspell calendar is called 'myth' by closed minds. that's been my experience.

obviously intelligences more advanced than those that recieved it brought that here.

so maybe it's a relativity thing where

there is intelligence that has cognition in the time/place faster than we view lightspeed,

and then there are different laws of physics that we can't understand -- or relate in  the ways that we have give-and-go conbersations.   clearly  they are meant to teach us something...we can see it if we look at the commonalities of those who share our "kin"...

..or even the fact that that WORD, "kin" has a meaning to us in the English language.

where i'm at is, as a wiccan of the right hand path, is seeing that "maya" has FAR different meanings in different cultures...the Mayan peoples fought many wars, as have the Illuminated West and the Enlightened East.  different meanings for different "worlds," same as for part of the world, they are preparing for the cold season to begin, while the opposite hemisphere, the opposite climate preperations.

something CAUSED axial tilt. i am convinced of that...the crucial almost 23 exact degrees of this planet's tilt...all Sol's satellites don't do exactly that.

the way we see precession of equinoxes has directly to do with the 23.5 deg. tilt of the Earth!  and thus the precession of (apparent) divine forms of star patterns in the sky affected the ancients in a certain way...

that is a truly awesome hack.

indeed.  i should launder it soon. too often while we are hacking,

the hack goes into a mud puddle from recent rains.

and of course, we are kicking it with our feet.  

ah, the lives of street hackers.

today i read that Generation X is considered the 13th generation to be called American citizens...

i think that such is relevant to future scenarios involving tyranny, Los Conquistadors,false saviours, misogyny and the possibility of Utopian scenarios developing in our lifetimes, rather than more pollution and militarist oppression and intimidation...

many people seem to be enamoured of, or even hypnotized by "serpent man' legends

without thinking of the plight of oppression by others that has been suffered, and is still suffered, in the americas.

Amorah Quan Yin has a great deal to say about that in Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution...

The original mutants, the beautiful descendants of the angelic beings of Andromeda that starseeded planet 2, maintained the “genetic purity” of their race, experiencing only rare instances of “ugly” or deformed babies, who they continued to kill at once.


Sad, as these were eventuated, precipitated beings.   This is a story of aeons and aeons before life on Earth as we know it began.  A time so long ago that time as we know it does not matter.  The Universe as we know it has expanded.  Cosmic weather has created changes in this solar ring as we know it.  Once massive gravitational influences on Sol have altered the speed of planetary orbits...years and days are not what they are, now, in the same way that Terra’s “Schumann resonance” has been measured as changed.  This information was all channeled by the psychic Amorah Quan Yin, who advised all who took it seriously to use as a shaman’s book.

We can safely call this exohistory, or the history of Terran humanity’s development with the existance of divine and angelic beings of non-Terran origin as part of the mix.


The mutants of Planet 2 grew increasingly arrogant and competitive.


The value systems being rediscovered and evolved spiritually by their forgotten victims were scarcely even remembered by the “beautiful” people, and eventually they were almost completely forgotten....even members within the same class began to compete with one another to determine who was the very best, not just one of the best.

This was due to the influence of Lucifer, the fallen angel, but our ancestors had very little understanding of that powerful and once-innocent arch-angel, and how it had fallen from grace…

It would take the dispensation of the Urantia Book in 1934 to begin the clarification of that matter of Lucifer, or Satan, and the fall of certain energies that accompanied the descent of Spirit into Matter in this universe.

Some might argue that Lucifer is a misunderstood and misjudged Virtue, and that the real “evil forces” were and are the various other forms of Godhead that go along with Lucifer/Satan in myth, legend and religious tradition.  Such “devil’s advocates” could indeed safely be seen as victims of the legendary “Lord of Lies…”  so many ancient tales speak of fabulous, paradisial Golden Ages...that were followed by a Fall from Grace.  A loss of consciousness and magic and innocence is shared in those various tales from many cultures.  Continually we have stories relating of “God of Evil,” and something to do with serpents, betrayal and the death and return of a beloved divine figure…

Planet 2, which we also call Venus The camaraderie of sharing similar talents and social status deteriorated, tragically into unhealthy and unloving rivalry.


According to Quan Yin via her source, whom she named Ra:re4.jpg


“Initially this competition involved only physical appearance, intelligence, and creative talent, but it soon expanded into jealousy and competition for lovers—the winner claiming to be the most beautiful and worthy, the loser secretly plotting revenge and self-redemption.

All the while, denial of spiritual value and spiritual beauty grew proportionately to obsession with physical form and physical accomplishment.


“Creation of beauty through physical art forms joined the list of desirable accomplishments by this time, about 2000 years into Venusian history, and added yet another area of competition and class division. Those who could not produce music or art found other ways of climbing the social ladder when a form of currency exchange was invented.


“Of course, as it was intended to do, the currency system rewarded the artisans of all types more highly than the farmers, clothiers, and other common folk. So those from families of great instrument makers who had accumulated beautiful possessions and wealth were also among the elite by virtue of inheritance. Their greatest talent was in knowing how to benefit themselves at the expense of others. This class of elite boasted that they collected the best art and were entertained by the best musicians, and thus had superior taste and social worth. By the time the original colony had fully developed to this extent, thousands of solar had passed, class division was an absolute, and sovereignty was an ideal only to those who were poor—and a distorted joke to the rich.”


in all this time, little has changed.  except...many of us citizens of the new age are hopeful for a future without the distraction of competition over what is great art.   these channeled stories from Amorah Quan Yin relate to spiritual ancestors of the humans now existing here on this Terra Firma. (if you are reading this on Mars or the Space Stations, receive one hearty apology.)


In the Aquarian Age, returning to life on the “Third Stone from the Sun,” we have the potential to use these strange “channelings.”  To many of us, cynical defeatism and abject defeatedness in the face of admittedly intimidating forms of military stupidity is not enough.  Thus, the strange “channelings” of certain psychics who claim to be able to open their minds to communication with profound beings.

And why should we even accept these channelings as word-for-word instructions on how to live?  We should not. We should always strive for discernment, using what makes sense to us to figure out what we can use in the “here-and-now.”

We are not who we “were” in past lives we may remember peripherally or in dreams.


That’s why they are called “past lives” and not “how i spent my summer vacation.” genetic_mutation_2.gif

Another individual claims a similat sort of communication with beings claiming the stars of the Pleiades as their origin.

"It is interesting that recent decodings of the hieroglyphs at Palenque, which are understood to have been made during the reign of Pacal the Great, refer to dates beyond the end of the Long Count calendar.

On the Tablet of the Inscriptions at Palenque

a date of 5 Lamat 1 Mol

can be inferred –

otherwise known as 21 October 4772,

almost 3000 years in the future.

Perhaps we can deduce from this that Pacal himself believed that the end of the fifth age did not represent the end of time or of the Earth, and that his name would be still mentioned in the sixth age." David Douglas, p. 133, The Mayan Prophecy 2012 (2009) 

BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board 
Can also stand for 
by Mike Oxlong February 12, 2003

i like to kick it sharplee!

part of the hist of resist:

skin heads against racial prejudice started in the heat and misery of occupied Germany.

they were also known as Die Meuten of Leipzig.

wherever Hitler Youth went, they usually did whatever they wanted (which was whatever they were told was right to do by their olders, and the Fuhrer.)  but in some neighborhoods they got resisted.  Violently, by Germans who loved their country and could see Hitler for the insane nationalist poison that he was. (the world was to find out.)

when the HY went back to their Kapitans and Kommandants they would complain that someone kept putting the boot in.

so the adult "Nozzies" as Don Trump calls 'em found a way to relieve their backside pain.

The resistors to Aryan delusion were locked-up,

shaved bald

thrown in the gas chambers with the Jews that they did not hate

put to death.


it happened over and over.

the bald peace punks in Britain in the early years of anarcho-punk...

...shaved their heads to emulate Buddhist monks.

preached class unity, anti-racism.

your racists hated that,

shaved their heads and started rockin' the twisted cross, 

showed up and started fights.

after some time with all the white heads sweaty and bouncing in pubs,

people got confused as to who to put the boot in.

so the choosing of carefully chosen coloured boot laces and suspenders 

was made so that people would know who the anti-racists and who the racists were.

how they agreed on that, i have no idea.

dad, 48, derbyshire, wrote this.


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