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Yo soy el Cambiador de Mundos

Codificado por la Tormenta Azul

Mi número es el diecinueve

El poder de todo número

Soy el maestro alquimista

La fuerza detrás de la piedra filosofal

Diestro en las artes de la transmutación

Yo soy el transformador catalítico

De la consciencia del Mundo y la vida planetaria

Superviso los cambios del clima

Yo soy el trueno que despedaza tus sistemas del mundo

Soy el transporte de nubes llenas de relámpagos

Para iluminar la verdad detrás de tus ilusiones

Yo soy el portador de la lluvia torrencial que purifica

Fui yo quien causó que los monumentos de aspecto triple

del arquetipo del avatar

Aparecieran en las tierras del antiguo templo

Superviso las estrellas Matutina y Vespertina

Contemplo al creador del Quinto Sol, el mundo Presente

Soy el enviado a morar entre vosotros

Convocando al Sexto Sol

Para la Gran Regeneración del alma del mundo

Conocerme es conocer tu propio poder de autogeneración

There is so much change that needs to be done inside us that I get worried that people are not changing with the times.  So many are hanging on to traditions, mentalities and actions that our degrading are environment and our health.  But this change is very hard, I still turn the lights on from a power grid of coal and nuclear energy, and drive my truck around to buy things that I don't really need.  To counter act this I am more and more conscious and conservative of the all the energy and matter that I use.  A storm of change is upon us the more clearly we can see it coming the better we can ride it out.       

Heello fellow kin!

Selfexisting storm here, glad to have found this website.

The changes are happening exactly as they should, and everything is it its rightfull place and time. 

Love you all! 

Hey Pascal!

I am a fellow Self-Existing Storm as well. :)

Much love to the Storm tribe! 


Amazing, Thank You!!  I am kin 59 Blue Resonant Storm...I have just undergone a major transformation in my own life and I am helping inspire others with my energy into their own personal transformations.  This piece really resonates with me today, Kin 86 White Galactic Worldbridger.  Let us bring the rains that ignite the fires of transmutation!!  We are all one, the time is now!!

Is it just me, or is anyone else trying to post blog messages and finding the moderator has gone AWOL?

Its not just you, i tried to post a new topic last week and its still not up. to be honest, having such restrictions on a platform like this makes me not want to return here that often. Too bad, because this place could be great if the mods had just a bit more trust in this community.

Where oh where has our moderator gone, oh where oh where can he be?

Since it seems impossible to make a blog post, I am posting this here ...

The Story of an Earth Spirit Speaking Tube

Chapter One

“Hey B, whatcha doing?”

“Hi Belle, I’m on a quest.” 

Belle is my other half, not in the married sense but in the sense of the other side of my brain in corporeal form. In other words, my twin, my best friend, confidant and partner in crime. She’s about as opposite to me as someone can be and still be a friend, so you could say she’s an anode to my cathode if you like electrical metaphors.

“What sort of quest? Where are you going?”

“You know me, I’m off in all directions. I know it drives you crazy but there are times when the right side calls and I am unable to resist.”

Belle hates it, but I call myself The Arthur, which is word play on ‘the author’ as the king of a story. She has an aversion to the Matter of Britain and the mythical medieval times of the Arthurian legends, whereas I am just the opposite as my name Bedivere suggests. Bedivere, for those of you who know little of the legendary tales of the knights of the round table, was with Arthur at the beginning and at the end of his reign. As Arthur lay dying he took the sword Excalibur (this was Arthur’s last wish) and threw it into the lake from whence it came, back to the Lady of the Lake.

“You must have some idea of what you are looking for,” Belle insists.

“Okay, I confess. I’m looking for the cosmic corpus callosum.”

Cosmic; of or relating to the universe or cosmos, esp. as distinct from the earth.

Corpus callosum; Latin for ‘tough body’, is a wide flat bundle of neural fibres beneath the cortex. It connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitates inter-hemispheric communication.

“I like the alliteration,” Belle says, “but what does it mean?”

“It means I’m looking for a way to bring ‘Time is Money’ and ‘Time is Art’ together.”

“Like time is money and art? Or time is the art of making money. Or money gives you the time you need to make art?”

“Not quite. More like how do we bring the two sides of ourselves together, as in how do we hemispherically synchronize our brains? Because until we are personally synchronized how can we possibly hope for collective synchronization? I chose the terms ‘time is money’ and ‘time is art’ to describe the opposing camps. On the left side you have the world of material things, especially technology, designed by mandarins of the linear; scientists, engineers, politicians and bankers. On the right side you have the imaginal world, self-existing, formless and infinite, emanating radially from a centre of limitless light. These sides exist in each of us, and they are designed to work together just as a battery needs positive and negative poles. The problem is not that there are two sides, the problem is that the left side has been winning for too long.”

“You don’t have to convince me,” says Belle. “What is your solution? Or is it too early to ask?”

“I think it has something to do with Earth Spirit Speaking Tubes.”

“What are they?”

“They are us. Everyone on earth is an Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. Let me explain, if I can. Physiologically we are tubes, food goes in one end and comes out the other, so we are used to the sensation of stuff moving through us, in fact we crave and depend on it. Without food we waste away. As emotional beings we know what it feels like to be flooded by emotion and how even the most intense grief passes through us and fades, given enough time. As thinking beings we are used to observing thoughts pass across our mental screens. So the concept of the human as a tube or receptacle with openings top and bottom is not too difficult to understand. You, me, we’re all tubes. The Earth Spirit Speaking part has to do with what happens when you clean the tube and you connect intentionally with the earth.”

“Cleaning the tube means getting rid of static. On a physical level it means being healthy, on an emotional level it means not clinging to feelings, and on a mental level it means not being attached to thoughts. Once the tube is clean enough, you notice that silence is a very interesting space to explore. The silence is your portal to the Earth.”

“How did you come up with that?” Belle asks, “and you still haven’t explained Spirit Speaking.”

“In order for you to understand I need to tell you how I remembered I was an Earth Spirit Speaking Tube.” 

I can hear Belle changing her posture on the other end of the line, getting comfortable. “Okay B, fire away.”

Imagine for a moment you are standing in front of a gate. Through the bars you can see a mysterious garden. You are tempted but you don’t know if you are allowed to go inside.

You move closer. But just as you are about to lift the chain, to see if the gate will open, a guardian approaches. A figure of authority.

You step back, uncertain. The guardian looks at you carefully, then asks, “What is your purpose?”

Suddenly you are confused. You don’t know … you just wanted to see what was behind the gate.

The guardian smiles, unhooks the chain and opens the gate. You feel a pressure like a hand between your shoulder blades pushing you forwards. You step into the light, into the unknown.

You find yourself with a group of people. Someone asks, “What time is it?” There is a flurry of arm swinging and neck bending as people peer to look at their wrists. “I have six minutes past twelve”, says one. Another says, “Twelve thirteen.”

You look at your wrist and find that your watch has vanished.

A man with long black hair that sticks out behind as if he was standing in a strong wind, glides up to you. He has an extraordinary nose that emerges from the centre of his forehead and gives him the visage of a predatory bird. He asks you (did he speak out loud or did you hear the words in your head) if you are here to learn about time.

Not knowing any better, you nod your head.

You are flooded with questions … “Do you feel you are ahead of your time? Do you feel you are living the wrong time? Are you behind the times or has time left you behind? Is there never enough time or is there too much time? Is it time for a time-out?”

Your head begins to spin, the room rotates, the bird-man’s face begins to blur … and we move back to the year 1992, to the Monroe Institute … to the unfolding of the Monkey Wavespell deep in the mystic column of the Tzolkin.

February 8, 1992 (Blue Magnetic Monkey)

“I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world. Therefore I deeply desire to expand, to experience, to know, to understand, to control, to use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and those who follow me. Also I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal to or greater than my own.” Gateway affirmation.

On February 8, 1992 I attended a Gateway program at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. An extraordinary week of deep meditation facilitated by the peaceful environment and the use of a special hemispheric synchronization technology. In simple language what this means is that you lie in an isolation booth listening to sounds through headphones that facilitate a state of ‘mind awake - body asleep’.

It was during one of these sessions that I received a vision of a book. The book consisted of complex geometric designs and words explaining the designs. I noted it in my diary, but its significance did not arise until a month later.

I returned to my home in British Columbia, inspired and full of energy. I spent several weeks writing a description of my experiences which I called, ‘Notes from the non-physical to the physical’. I wrote it in a frenzy, but when I had finished I was left with a feeling of … now what?

‘Now what’ turned out to be a chance meeting with an English visitor who gave me a book called Earth Ascending, by José Argüelles. I opened the book and there were the pictures and diagrams from my vision. The book was complex. I could only understand a small portion of it but something in me was very excited. I had a strong feeling that I knew what Argüelles was trying to say and that I had known it before and that all I had to do was remember. The diagrams were beautiful and I was mesmerized and obsessed with them.

Turning the pages of the book was like stepping through a gate into the unknown.

I began to play with the designs in the book, especially the correlation between Benjamin Franklin’s magic 8 square and the I Ching. I made drawings of the 64 hexagrams as black and white rectangles and glued them onto large pieces of foam board. During one session that lasted three days I created three pieces of art. One was a magic 8 square/hexagram correlation. Another consisted of the hexagrams placed close together so they looked like a bar code and the third was a chaotic arrangement of the 64 hexagrams.

The close together black and white rectangles I called ‘God’s Bar Code’. I was quite pleased with my results, which for some unknown reason gave me great pleasure.

That night I had a powerful dream. I woke from the dream in a state of high excitement. What did it mean?


As the day unfolded I began to recognize elements of my dream as real events. For instance, in the dream I had been watching an elephant flying and later on that morning I found myself at the beach watching someone flying a huge kite with a long tubular extension that looked like an elephant’s trunk. In the afternoon a second part revealed itself but it wasn’t until evening that the trio of precognition was complete.

I was sitting in a park watching two members of a band setting up speakers for an outdoor concert. A man in a straw hat came up to me and reminded me that I had done a tarot reading for him some months ago and that it had been very accurate. As we sat talking the third part of the dream fell into place. In the dream I had been watching people on a stage arranging boxes, which is what the people I was watching were doing with their speakers. As this third piece fell into place I experienced a strange dislocation of time. I was simultaneously aware of myself dreaming (now in the past) of the future, which was me now in the present.

Somehow I ‘knew’ that playing with the I Ching symbols and the Ben Franklin magic 8 square had caused me to step into/out of/through time. My journey, my archaic revival had begin. It was July 26, 1992. The reason I remember the date so precisely is because a week later I came across another book by Argüelles called ‘The Transformative Vision’. 

On the second page of the introduction I read these words (bear in mind this edition of the book was published in 1985) “The next way station in Earth’s relay race to her appointment with evolutionary destiny is the Time Shift 1992. Fully entrained in the galactic beam, on July 26, 1992, Earth’s portals will open so that the human race can enter the new time, Earth time.”

It seems that the portal did open and somehow I stepped through. My journey as an Earth Spirit Speaking Tube had begun.

“That’s a long time ago B, how has that worked out for you?” 

“As you know Belle, I have a tendency to be a bit of a day dreamer and too right brained for my own good but I’m learning how to integrate the two sides as best I can. Earth diving is not without risk.”

“How does Earth Spirit Speaking relate to time is money or time is art?”

“It’s polarity that makes everything work, like electricity. Without opposite poles there is no current. Time is money is the mantra of the left and time is art is the mantra of the right. You can also see the sun as a symbol of the left/male/active/yang side and the earth as a symbol of the right/female/passive/yin side. Earth diving is the sport every Spirit Speaking Tube needs to learn in order to be able to harmonize the flow of energy between the earth and the sun. Global warming means the earth is getting too hot, or too yang, and everyone is afraid of the sun. For generations the earth has been dominated by the cleverness of the left side which is like adding gasoline to an open flame. Is it any wonder why the petrochemical industry dominates the world? The nerds and the entrepreneurs have taken over the playground.”

“So we need more time is art?”

“Exactly Belle, we need to get mom back in charge of the playground, and earth diving is the way to do it.”

“Why earth diving?”

“It’s how we remember to remember who we are and why we are here. It’s all about mom and her relationship with dad.”

“Sounds good, how do we start?”

“We start with everything that is in the way, all the junk and rubbish that is cluttering our tubular integrity.”

Thanks for all this wealth of knowledge . In lakech


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