I just joined so hello to all my kin!!

Is anyone else having a strong desire to find/join with their clan??  I'm talking about in real world experience,such as within Crest13  Peace Garden or other sustainable communities?

I seriously want out of the machine paradigm more than ever, this is nothing new for me though. I am finding it more and more difficult to justify my participation in it.  Like many of you, the only reason I do at all is to feed clothe and put a roof over my head. But I feel as long as I am participating in it I am part of the PROBLEM. I don't feel good about working for big business anymore. I want to be part of the solution instead!

There are better ways to make a living. In conscious community for instance. I would much rather put my energies, efforts, blood sweat and tears, toward the benefit of the whole rather than the few. And actually enjoy life much more along the way. Who knows maybe even make a few friends!

Does anyone here belong to a sustainable off grid community? If you do or want to start one let me know please!! I would be more than interested in listening to your dreams as well as your realities.

Don't be shy here, talk to me, we are family and it's important to communicate freely.

It's good to be here! Peace



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I've noticed that people around here take their solar seals a little too seriously. For instance "white wizard" doesn't mean that you are one! We need to get over ourselves! It's an archetype for enchantment receptivity timelessness, that's it. My seal is Hand, that doesn't mean that I'm a giant hand walking around.

Humans tend to anthropomorphize just about everything and sadly tend to miss the entire point of living. To accept it as it is. If you don't think it's good enough as is that's because you are looking through dirty perceptual filters and clearing is in order. This makes room for expanded awareness. my2cents.

I am the one and the all, as i am another yourself.

deep. But can you carry on a conversation?

Of course.

ok, here's the part where it gets tricky. This is where you read my thread and begin the conversation regarding some aspect of it. Your choice. If you're interested. If not that's ok too.

Did you read all of the Cosmic History Chronicles? Noospheric Constitution, etc...

I feel like there's something you want from us, kid, but I don't know what it is. If I had the funds I would read the Cosmic History Chronicles and understand the history behind this group. The truth is, each one of us has a different story, a path unique to each of us. The purpose of this group, I believe, is the spiritual upliftment of others who are seeking oneness with Creator and Creation. We all have much to learn; nobody has all the answers. But we must help each other understand instead of bring each other down. I hope I can help. I don't know too much about the synchronometer or Cosmic History, but I love the insight I've been blessed with since I jumped into the studies. Peace and love, in Lak'ech, brother.

I agree Paul Mabbit, we are all learning and doing our best to help each other along. It would be great to live in a community of like minded people but at this stage in our culture that will be very difficult for most as we have jobs, family, and financial obligations. Perhaps this forum is the best we can do right now as a community. At least we know we are not alone in our quest to understand the Law of Time and Cosmic History and the 13 Moon Calendar. I am doing my best to piece all of this new information together and could really not be giving any advice on it except to stay in the space of Love/Light.

So to kid, I hope you understand that your initial question revolved around finding a community but has diverted to other topics, but here is a quote from your post "Don't be shy here, talk to me, we are family and it's important to communicate freely." Perhaps that is how it is supposed to be. We can learn from each other in multiple ways.


epic fail. sorry folks I've also failed in this supposed communication. apparently no one even knows how to just talk to each other like human beings anymore. authentically. I'm signing off now, best wishes to all of you. Peace.     kid out.

Here's something to consider ... The original vision of the 13 moon calendar change peace plan was to offer an alternative time keeping device for people who felt dissatisfied with the status quo, or who felt alienated at a deep level with things as they seem to be. In this way it is possible to create a community around something as simple as a new calendar. You don't have to buy land, build houses, quit your job, leave your family, all you have to do is start using the 13 moon calendar as your primary time keeping device. Though it seems insanely simplistic, until you actually do it for a number of years you do not realize how unconsciously invasive the Gregorian calendar and all institutions built upon its foundation really are.

The thing is, until you have actually disengaged yourself you cannot understand the dream that you are living in.

This is not to say it is necessarily better (though after more than 20 years of experimentation I believe it is) but it is a very eye opening experience if you dare try.

Operation Earth Rescue 100% Law of One

If we had software developers in the community, I know I would appreciate a 13-moon calendar application for my phone that would update with the solar seal and tone for each day. I think that an app like this would help many people integrate into the new time. :)


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