I just joined so hello to all my kin!!

Is anyone else having a strong desire to find/join with their clan??  I'm talking about in real world experience,such as within Crest13  Peace Garden or other sustainable communities?

I seriously want out of the machine paradigm more than ever, this is nothing new for me though. I am finding it more and more difficult to justify my participation in it.  Like many of you, the only reason I do at all is to feed clothe and put a roof over my head. But I feel as long as I am participating in it I am part of the PROBLEM. I don't feel good about working for big business anymore. I want to be part of the solution instead!

There are better ways to make a living. In conscious community for instance. I would much rather put my energies, efforts, blood sweat and tears, toward the benefit of the whole rather than the few. And actually enjoy life much more along the way. Who knows maybe even make a few friends!

Does anyone here belong to a sustainable off grid community? If you do or want to start one let me know please!! I would be more than interested in listening to your dreams as well as your realities.

Don't be shy here, talk to me, we are family and it's important to communicate freely.

It's good to be here! Peace



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  {{muchheadshaking}} The "the daily little sayings" you refer to are called affirmations, and their not supposed to make literal sense. Those are the worst rules I've ever heard. The second one is better than the first though.

Where is 13 moon first grade? This is obviously pre-school.

The good news is that this is much less condescending than what I was going to post.. But don't people need to somehow be shown they are being infantile? Seriously. I certainly don't prefer to be sarcastic, but sometimes you need to use a sharp knife to cut the BS.

Who guides your teaching 3D or 5D, be humble, or the bumble will turn the clay.

How do you feel about the trans humanism of the Venus project? Are you down with it?

I mean it's all well and good until it starts to get invasive. injecting nano bots into us and the like, which is where it is heading.

Why don't we have more far ranging conversation? It's all relevant to our 13 moon mission. For instance this thread is supposed to be about alternatives to time is money i.e. Peace Gardens, Venus project, New Earth Project etc. Lets discuss them.

I do not understand your answer, please ask another question. I suggest to look into the noospheric constituion, and biopsheric rights. What would you like to discuss in terms of Tollan; what systems and equations?

wow.you're trippin' man.

I think your head is so far out into the noosphere that your booties aren't touching the ground anymore.

Ok Kid, leave the works to the wizards, tripping? What does that mean? Tripping to where?

Is that a rhetorical question? bumble is a funny word. I like it!

Potent questions for OMA people

I walk both worlds.

Has anyone else noticed that lighthearted humor and camaraderie has all but completely left our world? I don't blame it though, it's no fun around here. Taking ourselves too seriously is burdensome indeed.

Tripping OUT man, it's a psychedelic terminology I think applies here. It means off on another plane of reality, dude,  "works to the wizards" who's not being bumble now? This is just getting creepy and strange. I like it!!.


trippy answer


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